Raw honey benefits

Raw Honey Benefits

Raw Honey (Flowers Nectar) is a natural product and sweetener being used as a Food and Medicine. Honey is a sacred item used to pay tribute to Idols. It contains cosmetic content also. Though honey is available worldwide, it is quite expensive based on the quality and purity. Raw honey is rich in vitamins, minerals,… Read More

vitamin b12 benefits

Vitamin B12 Benefits

Vitamins, Minerals and trace elements are the basic source for physical and brain development. We need sufficient vitamins for healthier physique. Many vitamins are obtained from natural edible items like Food, Cereal, Sprouts, Milk, Meat, Fish, Veggies, Greens and also in the form of drugs. Out of all Vitamins, here we are going to read… Read More

Epsom Salt bath

Epsom Salt bath benefits

Epsom Salt an inorganic salt contains Oxygen, Sulfur and Magnesium and it is called as Magnesium Sulfate. Epsom Salt is used in medications, agriculture and also used for pain conditions. Our traditional system of Epsom Salt bath benefits our body in many areas like detoxifying, cleansing and energizing. What are Epsom Salt bath benefits? Toxins… Read More

Lycopene benefits

Lycopene Benefits

Lycopene a natural chemical originates from Solanum lycopersicum is a Carotenoid found in red colored vegetables like Tomato, Water melon, Papaya, Pink colored fruits and vegetables. These fruits contain Lycopene in high concentration levels. Lycopene is naturally present in human blood serum, lungs, prostate, colon, and skin. Some of its health benefits are, Guards Liver,… Read More

spirulina benefits

Spirulina Benefits

Spirulina, a blue-green colored microalgae is partially responsible for producing oxygen in the atmosphere and Spirulina is world’s one of the richest nutrient foods. Spirulina contains heap of vitamins, amino acids, and trace elements. Spirulina is used in food and as dietary supplement in the form of drug to balance the body with more energy… Read More

selenium benefits

Selenium Benefits

Selenium is a trace mineral present in water, foods and soil. ‘Selenium‘ is impurely present in sulfide ores, copper. Though we need a small amount of Selenium in body, still its presence plays a vital role in metabolism. Selenium naturally presents in Fish, Egg, Mushroom, Crab and Lobster. Selenium is used as a dietary supplement… Read More