Bee Pollen Benefits

Nature’s complete nourishing foods the bees’ pollen contains nearly all nutrients required for the holistic benefit of humankind. Bee pollen is manufactured by honey bees and is the food for young bees. Pollens gathered by bees, are high in proteins,Vitamins, Minerals and amino acids .

The protein content of the bee pollen is more than any food of animal origin: beef, eggs or cheese of equal weight; its quality of protein is in the form of amino acids that can be readily used by the human body directly.

 Benefits of Bee Pollen:


Respiratory system

The high quality anti-oxidants have an anti-incendiary  effect on the lung tissues, preventing asthma from occurring.

Treating allergies

Bee pollen ameliorates many allergies by reducing presence of histamine allergen. Bee pollen has proven highly operational against allergies from asthma to sinus.


The essential and rare enzymes contained in the bee pollen aid amazingly in the digestion process and assimilation process of food.

Immunity booster

Bee pollen is said to enhance the bodily functions and good for intestines, thereby directly boosting immunity.The antimicrobial properties of the bee pollen protects body from contracting diseases. High anti-oxidant content protects the cells from the free radical oxidation  of our body causing all the damage to the immune system.Lymphocytes are the white blood cells which acts like soldiers for our immune system, responsible for getting rid of all the harmful substances, including infected, mutant and cancerous cells, viruses and all metabolic trash. Our ability to resist infection is closely related to the protein’s activity abundantly found in bee pollen.

Strengthens Heart Muscles

Bee Pollen is known to contain a great quantity of “rutin” and bioflavonoid an anti-oxidant helps in strengthening of blood capillaries and blood vessels, aiding in blood circulation and correcting cholesterol levels of the body. It is an effective anti-clotting agent that prevents heart attack and strokes.

Aids Prostate

Benign prostate hyperplasia patients can find relief by the dosage of bee pollen, as it helps in reduce inflammation to reduce frequent urine urges

Weight management

Bee pollen proves exceptional when it comes to weight-control or weight maintenance regimen by correcting a possible chemical or hormonal imbalance in the body metabolism, causing the gain or loss of weight abnormally.

In weight-loss programs, bee pollen stimulates the metabolic processes by speeding up the calories’ burning process.

Treating addiction

Bee pollen is known to ‘crash’ cravings hence is holistically used for healing addictions and inhibiting the cravings caused by suppressing the impulses.

Infertility issues

Bee pollen is known to boost the hormones and is a known aphrodisiac! It motivates and fix ovarian functions, hence accelerates pregnancy.

Soothes skin

The vitamins and amino acids contained in the bee pollen protect the skin, aiding in the regeneration of new cells. It is often used in topical products which aim at treating inflammatory skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis.

Some comparatively less expensive bee pollen products, used externally, help revitalize the complexion, eliminating acne.


Bees’ pollen pumps life-giving blood supply to all skin cells, smoothing away the wrinkles bringing in new skin tissue.

Enhances energy

The wide and complete range of nutrients known to be present in bee pollen makes it a great natural energizer. The B vitamins’ complex, proteins and the carbohydrates can help keep you going all day by fighting the fatigue off and enhancing stamina of the body.

Consuming a spoonful of bee pollen at breakfast with a fruit will accentuate it’s properties and reveal all its phenomenal health and beauty benefits giving you a glow of health; moreover, it is certainly pleasing to aware that the bee keepers remove the pollen from the  hives by not harming the bees or even without causing any disturbances to the bees’ routines!