beet root benefits

BeetRoot Juice Benefits

Beetroot juice– Best root vegetable and has high nutritional and beneficial value in its juice. Benefits of beet juice are, reduces chronic disease, maintains skin health, has anti cancer property, reduces birth defect, helps anemic patients, relieves from eye and liver problems.

It is considered to be oldest healing medicine available in nature. Looking into its history, Romans were found to use the beet root as medicine for fevers and constipation. Later on, the true values of beetroot were recognized by the people and are used in the vast field for maintaining a healthy body.

Nutritional Content In Beet Juice:

Beets are rich in folic acid and manganese. Its leaves are a source of vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin C and riboflavin. Also contains minerals such as copper, calcium, magnesium, sulphur, silica, iron and potassium.

The major benefit of beet juice is because of the presence ‘Betalain’. It’s a colour pigment found in most of the parts of the plant like its stems, flowers, leaves and also in the roots. The properties of Betalain are many, including anti-inflammatory, anticancer, detoxification etc.

What are the Health Benefits Of Beet root Juice?

Originally, people used beet juice for healing liver, skin, anaemia, lymphatic circulation, in-activeness, eyes, cancer etc. It is also used in killing fungi and thus considered to be a powerful antioxidant. The juice content is taken from the leaves as well as the roots for getting healthy vitamins and minerals.

beet root
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  •  Reduces chronic diseases:

The chronic diseases cause is mainly due to the deposition of inorganic calcium in our body. The oxalic acid present in the juice acts as a solvent for inorganic calcium and thus prevents the chronic disease formation. Leading to the prevention of diseases like

  • Heart disease
  • Arteriosclerosis
  • Cancer
  • Arthritis
  • Eye problems
  • Kidney stones

The solvent is limited for inorganic calcium since while dissolving calcium, serious toxic metals, chemicals and also viruses are released that causes many problems. The small amount of beet juice consumption and foods that may lead to the boosting up of the immune system is taken together to get more benefits. Also due to high amount of magnesium, leaves containing good calcium are absorbed.

  • Skin Health:

The skin inflammation, like the acne and also the skin related problems are prevented by the beet juice because of its anti-inflammatory properties. It also aids in reducing blemishes and leads to a healthier hair and skin growth.

  • Anticancer treatment:

One of the greatest benefits obtained from beet juice is its cancer preventive properties. Betacyanin plays a vital role in reducing the cancer growth and also carries out detoxification of all dangerous toxins.  In addition to its, inorganic calcium reduction it prevents cancer and reverses many cancer types. Also the researchers came out successfully for cancer types such as leukemia, skin, colon, spleen, lung, liver, breast, testicular and prostate cancer. Even for a small amount of dose beet juice plays an effective role.

  • Birth defect reduction:

27% of folic acid can be efficient in reducing birth defects in infants which obtained from 100 g of beet.

  • Eye problems:

The beet juice contains two important carotenoids which are lutein and zeaxanthin, which is very healthy for the eye mainly the retina. The carotenoids are quickly absorbed by the beet juice and hence maintain the value, but where as in cooking carotenoids are destroyed.

  • Anaemia:

Iron acts as an effective antioxidant allows the increase in oxygen content in the blood combines together with antioxidant to make the iron as a beneficial iron in beet. Hence, beet juice aids in anemia reversal and not in the treatment.

  •  Liver problems:

Betaine aids in the proper functioning of liver cells and acts as a shield for lungs and bile ducts. Fiber in beet provides good health in liver by increasing the creation of detoxifying enzymes like catalase, glutathione and SOD.

Other benefits:

The beet juice can heal gout, gallbladder and kidney problems. Also, it lessens the homocysteine and increases the stomach acid content. Moreover, it provides low serum cholesterol and improves the blood pressure by maintaining it in the normal level.