Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe Vera plants are a species of cacti having fleshy stems and their leaves are in form of spines. The leaves contain a yellow colored gel which has many medicinal and healing properties. This gel is used for many cosmetic purposes and is beneficial in insect bites, sunburn, cuts and rashes. The amazing uses of Aloe Vera plant are well known in cosmetic circles, but the various uses as juice have only just been discovered. This miracle plant has anti bacterial, anti fungal properties and also helps in regeneration of cells.



Aloe Vera juice contains the pulp of leaves and is rich in fiber and nutrients. If you have stomach ulcers or irritation in your intestines Aloe Vera juice will be highly beneficial in healing the ulcers and decreasing the irritation in the intestines. It helps in the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut and helps treat many disorders caused due to inflammation of the intestines. It is very effective in treating irritable bowel syndrome. It helps to reduce stomachaches and heartburns and even helps to ease constipation.


The reason for a compromised immune system is the presence of toxins in the body. They make the immune system weak and susceptible to many diseases. Aloe Vera juice has various anti-fungal, anti- bacterial and anti- viral properties that make it a potent force against the pathogens and toxins present in the body. As your immune system becomes strong you can fight away infections like common cold, sinus, and seasonal allergies.


Aloe Vera juice helps to regulate your blood pressure, which in turn will reduce the pressure on your heart. It helps to improve the circulation of blood within your blood vessels. Aloe Vera juice proves to be beneficial in reducing the bad cholesterol and will stop the cholesterol from depositing in your blood vessels. Studies have also shown that it is able to reduce the clots that form in the arteries and can be very dangerous and can cause heart attack. Patients with high cholesterol levels showed a visible decline in their levels of cholesterol after taking Aloe Vera juice. Some research has also shown positive results in people suffering from type 2 diabetes.


Since Aloe Vera juice has many anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties it has proved to have lots of benefits for your dental hygiene. It can stop bleeding gums and prevent the formation of dental plaque. It helps to reduce inflammation in the guns and removes the bad bacteria that cause bad breath, thus keeping your mouth fresh longer.


Aloe Vera juice increases the metabolic rate of your body and helps you reduce weight by burning all the extra fat. It also detoxifies your body and keeps you energetic all day. Most of the time, the food that we eat makes us sluggish and slow. Drinking Aloe Vera juice rejuvenates your body and flushes out the unwanted pathogens. Once your system is cleansed you will not feel exhausted, in fact you will have the required energy to finish all your tasks. Hence Aloe Vera juice helps you to lose weight by keeping you active and energized all day.


The essential minerals present in Aloe Vera juice including vitamins b, vitamin c, vitamin a, folic acid and niacin. It is also abundant in minerals like iron, magnesium, zinc, sodium and calcium. All these vitamins and minerals keep your skin healthy and provide nutritional blocks to help your skin fight against ageing. It maintains the elasticity of your skin making it look supple and radiant. It also contains amino acids which are very important for our body. In fact it contains at least seven essential amino acids thus fulfilling your body’s need for amino acids.