Benefits of Chlorella

Chlorella is fresh water blue green algae which is similar to Spirulina. It is basically found in Japan and Taiwan. It is a highly nutritious food which consists of phyto-nutrients, potassium, chlorophyll, Beta carotene, amino acid, B-complex vitamins and magnesium. It can be used as a supplement and it boosts the energy and helps in detoxification of the body. Its chlorophyll content is high and thus this green colour food can help the body in healthy living. It helps in maintaining the hormonal functions and in the cardiovascular health. It helps to counteract the effects of chemotherapy.


The benefits can be summarized as follows:

Heavy Metal Detox

Lead, Uranium, mercury, cadmium etc are some hazardous chemicals which are harmful to the human body. These metals are generally found if the body has been exposed to radiations or chemotherapy or some mercury fillings done in teeth. It can be caused due to eating habits too. This is where the most important benefit of chlorella can be observed. It helps and saves the body by preventing the harmful metals getting absorbed by the body. It also prevents the accumulation of these metals in soft tissues and organs. Cancer patients undergo many chemotherapy and radiation treatments. The harmful particle of this treatment tends to stay in the human body. The high content of chlorophyll in chlorella helps the body to eliminate such harmful radioactive substances from the body, thus detoxifying the body.

Blood sugar and Cholesterol

The lifestyle, lack of sleep, stress and unbalanced diet can lead to chronic conditions like diabetes and high cholesterol. The green chlorophyll rich chlorella helps in lowering the cholesterol and sugar level in the body. Chlorella activates the genes at the cellular level and thus benefits the body by lowering the glucose level and improving insulin sensitivity.

Strong immune system

It helps enhancing the immune system by producing interferon. It builds the immune responsive cells stronger. It emphasizes and makes the natural cell killer activity stronger. It removes the dead cells and ensures the proliferation of healthy new cells.

Weight Loss

As the age grows it becomes difficult to lose weight. The consumption of chlorella decreases the body fat composition, the glucose level and the serum cholesterol. It reduces the body fat by improving the metabolism and enhancing the blood circulation. It removes the toxins from the body.

Good Heart health

Chlorella helps in keep a healthy heart. B12 complex vitamins found in it can help in good blood circulation at the artery level and thus helping the pumping of the heart at a regular easy level. It maintains the cholesterol level and the blood pressure of the body. The morning aches and pains can be reduced by consuming chlorella. It improves the circulation and keep the joints away from pain and aches.

Energy booster

Chlorella nourishes the body whenever the body needs it. It replenishes the dead cells by new healthy cells thus giving a lot of energy. It improves the blood circulation thus keeping the body active and energized. Chlorella slows the ageing process and keeps you young and energized. It reduces the oxidative stress which is due to the lifestyle and poor diet. It eliminates the free radicals ad increases the absorption of vitamin A and C and thus keeps your skin and heart young.


It is believed by the researchers that cancer cells can damage the proliferation of the new cells. Chlorella boosts the immune system and removes the toxins from the body and helps in increasing T cells which fight against the abnormal cells. In cancer patients chlorella can help to combat the side effects of chemotherapy.

Maintaining Healthy skin and eyes

Chlorella unique growth factor replaces the old dead cells with new healthy cell. Thus it keeps a glowing healthy skin.

Chlorella is rich in carotenoids like beta and alpha-carotene and lutein which help keeping the eyes sharp and healthy.