Benefits of Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is totally different from tender coconut water which is a clear liquid you get when you cut open a coconut. To get first you need to grate the flesh of the coconut and then soak it in hot water for a while. After that you need to strain the white liquid by squeezing it through a cheese cloth. The liquid you thus get is coconut milk. Initially you will get a thick liquid and then it gets thinner. If you are not in a mood to make fresh coconut milk you can buy a canned version.


Makes Bones Healthy

Coconut milk contains a large amount of minerals and vitamins which help to improve the health of your bones. It is a rich source of calcium and phosphorus which make up strong bones. It has also been found that consuming coconut milk can relieve the symptoms of arthritis. Coconut milk is a rich source of antioxidant compound called selenium which plays an important role in decreasing the inflammation in the joints. Drinking coconut milk can thus have lots of benefits for your bones.

Contains Healthy Fats

Although coconut milk has saturated fats you will be surprised to know that it can actually lower the cholesterol. This is because the fatty acids in the coconut milk do not get stored as fats; instead they are converted to energy as they are easier for the body to break down. This milk also has lauric acid which in turn helps your body to produce good cholesterol and keep the arteries and heart healthy and strong.

Improves Immune System

As mentioned earlier coconut milk is a vital source of lauric acid which has extremely high anti fungal, anti bacterial and anti viral properties. This helps your body to fight with the infections and also increases your immune system. The various compounds found in coconut milk are beneficial in preventing influenza and even herpes. So drinking coconut milk in moderation will improve your health by helping you fight viral infections.

Various Uses for hair

Due to the various proteins found in the coconut milk it is a great source of hair cleanser, conditioner and revitalizer. When you apply coconut milk to your hair it provides nourishment right from the root. If your hair is dry, brittle, damaged with lots of split ends, then it will be beneficial if you massage coconut milk into you scalp for few minutes. This will provide moisture to your hair and nourish them. If you are facing problem of hair loss then coconut milk works like a miracle. Just mix coconut milk with water and camphor solution and apply to your scalp, leave for a few minutes then shampoo as usual. Do not use hair dryer to dry your hair and you will see the magic in few days. Coconut milk can also be used as a leave in conditioner as it does not make your hair oily.

Benefits Skin

Coconut milk is great for your skin whether you drink it or apply it directly. If you skin has got sun burnt then coconut milk help in relieving the pain. You can apply it directly on your skin to lessen the tan and also reduce the irritation caused due to the sun burn. Coconut milk is also an emerging source of moisturizer. If you drink coconut milk everyday your skin will automatically begin to look radiant. Alternatively, you can also mix it with rose water and apply it directly on your skin or prepare a bath using coconut milk and soak in it for 30 minutes. Just be sure to use fresh coconut milk instead of the canned one for better results. So go on and try the manna of gods to look radiant and healthy.