Benefits of Drinking Water

Benefits of Drinking Water

Water – The life source for all living things. Benefits of Drinking Water cannot be measured; it is used for drinking, cleaning, plant growth etc. Water also plays a vital role in body functioning. Our body cannot stock up water, so fresh water should be consumed everyday for a better metabolic process.

The chemical formula water is H2O. One of known facts is that, the human body can go without food for days but without water is totally not possible. The human body is made up of 60 – 75% of water content. It is the foundation for blood, perspiration, urine and digestive juices. Even the fats, muscles and bones contain few amount of water.

The quantity of water to be taken depends upon the body condition, metabolic activity, size, weather condition and the amount of food we consumed. Fruits, vegetables, oat meals etc. are very healthy since they are water rich foods.

Though, there is no presence of vitamins in water it’s the basis for everything.

Nutritional Content in Water:

The main source for healthy body is water. It has electrolytes such sodium and potassium for a better metabolic activity. The water content in men is higher when compared to women. Thus, men have more stamina. The health benefits include like digestion, proper functioning of lungs etc. the detailed explanation is given below:

What are the benefits of drinking water?

Benefits of Drinking Water

High energy and Reduces fatigue:

Human brain contains water, so drinking water leads to more active brain like thinking, more focus and concentration. The person also remains more alert to the surroundings. This comes with the boosted up energy powers too. Also during physical exercise water is advised to be taken in between since water content is reduced in terms of sweating.  

Loss of weight:

The by-products of fat are eliminated by water and also lead to loss appetite when prior consumption of water is taken. Even reduces the hunger and leads to increase in metabolic activity. According to the nutrients content in water it has zero calories.

Maintains the body fluids:

The body fluids are used in the functioning such as digestion, circulation, carrying of nutrients, maintains body temperature, absorption. Even the urination process brain communicates through the posterior pituitary gland to calculate the amount of water excretion and for storage.  Alcohol is a fluid but it’s dangerous because it leads to excess excretion and eventually to dehydration.

Reduces Toxins:

It decreases kidney stones and urinary tract infections by eliminating the water through the process of sweats and urination. Hence, toxins are reduced automatically in our body.

Proper functioning of kidney:

The transportation of wastes is carried out the fluids in the body. The blood urea nitrogen is considered to most toxic, which is a water soluble compound that passes through the kidney and excreted. Hence, the toxins are dissolved only when proper amount of water is consumed.

Skin health:

Water aids the skin to be well moisturized and gives a soft, smooth lustrous skin. Skin complexion is improved by the water intake. Wrinkle free skins are produced. It is known to be the best aging medicine available naturally.


The digestion problems are reduced by the water consumption. The fluid with the fibre helps in normal functioning of bowel movements. Thus, constipation is also decreased by keeping a smooth flow in gastrointestinal tract. Even the food along with water helps in chewing more so digestion is easy later on.

Immune system :

The increased water intake helps in the boosting up of immune system by fighting against cancer, flu and other problems like the heart attacks.

Remedy for Headache:

Dehydration leads to headaches, migraines, back pains etc. thus, water is consumed properly that makes it a natural medicine against these problems.

Reduces cramps and sprains:

The joints are lubricated properly and well- flexible muscles are produced by the water. When muscles have less amount of water, its performance is decreased entirely. This also prevents joint pains and sprains.

Good mood:

The proper functioning of human body is due to the proper hydration everyday, which automatically leads to the comfortable life and presence of good mood. Water is free so instead of wasting money on fat filled latte and other foods, water is considered to be the most preferable choice.