Benefits of Figs

figs grow on trees that are similar mulberry trees. Figs are generally seasonal fruits though dried figs are available throughout the year. Figs have a blackish purple to light greenish skin. They are generally sweet and fleshy with lots of seeds that give certain crunchiness. Figs are rich in minerals like sodium, chlorine, manganese, potassium and phosphorous. They include variety of vitamins like vitamin A, B1 and B2. They are also a rich source of fiber. Figs are beneficial in treating a vast variety of health conditions and have been used since biblical times. It is the best food to regain your health after a long illness.


there is a high concentration of fiber called pectin is found in figs. This fiber works wonders in preventing constipation and promoting regular and healthy bowel movement. The fiber present in figs is soluble in water hence it is very effective in removing excess cholesterol and removing it through excretory system. Figs are very effective in treating diarrhea. Since figs contain such a high amount of fiber that acts as laxative keeping your intestines clean. This high content of fiber can be very beneficial in preventing cancer of abdomen and colon.

dried figs are known to be rich in fatty acids like omega3, phenol and omega6. Studies have indicated that all these fatty acids help to reduce the risk of contracting coronary heart disease. Research also points to the fact that high levels of triglycerides in our body are harmful and dangerous to the health of our heart. To minimize this risk it is important to consume figs. Even the leaves of figs have been found to have effect on these triglycerides.

most of the food that we eat has sodium in it. We even add sodium to our food in the form of salt. Though sodium is very important for our bodies but eating it in correct quantities is very important. Most of us eat processed food which is very high in salt. We tend to ignore the importance of fruits in our diet and this leads to hypertension or high blood pressure. Not only high amount of sodium, but low intake of potassium is also responsible for increase in blood pressure. Figs are abundant in potassium and hence keep your blood pressure normal. Figs can also sooth your nerves and calm your mind.

the risk of breast cancer increases many times for post menopausal women. It is well documented that the hormone levels in women tend to fluctuate the most after menopause. This fluctuation leads to many problems one of the major risks is that the immunity is comprised and antioxidants are unable to remove the harmful free radicals. These free radicals then play havoc with the body and tend to increase the occurrence of cancers and tumors. All this can be prevented by adding figs to your daily diet. Figs are very high in fiber content and this fiber can keep the immune system strong and thus prevent the formation of cancerous tumors.

many parts of the world, including India, have been using figs for the treatment and calming of various venereal diseases. In few studies it was seen that figs could provide relief from sexually transmitted diseases both when eaten and when applied locally. Figs are also seen as aphrodisiac in many cultures. It is recommended as a fertility supplement and is also believed to improve stamina. This is attributed to the gracious amounts of minerals and that vitamins are found in figs. Overnight soaking figs in milk and eating them next day is believed to increase your sexual ability, though there is little study to prove this as a fact.

Figs help to strengthen your bones due to the presence of calcium; they prevent the loss and degeneration of eye muscles in elderly; they sooth sore throats and are excellent for liver.