Benefits of Garlic

10 Amazing Benefits of Garlic – The World’s Healthiest food

Garlic is one of the popular therapeutic ingredients which are filled with numerous medicinal qualities. Benefits of Garlic includes, helps people who are diabetic, maintains Cholesterol levels, Reduces intestinal problems, Prevents from Asthma, sexual problems, hypertension and cold, has Anti-cancer and Antiseptic properties.

Garlic has a pungent odour and has an important chemical compound called allicin; which makes garlic a best natural remedy. The pungent and strong odour of garlic is due to the presence of sulphur content in allicin. It is the oldest known plant variety that is existent in the medicinal field. The anti-bacterial qualities of garlic lead to many discoveries.

How to Use Garlic to benefit the most 

To benefit the most medicinal value of Garlic, you should chop or crush garlic and let to sit for few minutes in room temperature before cooking. By doing that, it gives off an enzyme called “alliinase”, which will benefit your health immensely. Reports have shown that if the garlic is not chopped or crushed and used as whole in a microwave, making it lose its Anti-cancer property immediately and other beneficial values.

Nutritional Content in Garlic:

One of the most unique nutrients in Garlic is Sulfur. Garlic is considered as an excellent source of Vitamin B6, Vitamin B1, Vitamin C, Manganese and Copper iodine, iron, Phosphorous, Selenium.

Garlic has literally sulfur molecules; which gets activated once you chop or crush your garlic and all function as an antioxidant.

What are the health benefits of Garlic?

When it comes to the health benefits of the garlic it is countless. It is used in the prevention of heart ailments, coughs, decreases blood pressure and prevents cold. There are many qualities possessed by garlic like anti-bacterial, antiseptic etc. it is used in treating wounds because of the antiseptic properties. It contains important minerals like iron, calcium, iodine, phosphorus, chlorine and sulphur. It is the rare source of allisatin 1, 2 and allicin.

Benefits of Garlic

Prevents diabetes:

The kidney failures, heart disorders, poor visibility and the slowing down of nervous system function are the symptoms of diabetes. This is prevented in diabetic patients by consuming the oil extracted from garlic.

Cholesterol levels:

There are two forms of cholesterol – LDL which is bad cholesterol and HDL which is good cholesterol. The allicin plays a vital role in lowering the oxidation ability in Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL). Hence, people who have high cholesterol levels are recommended to take up garlic regularly.

Prevents hypertension:

An herbal ingredient which cures hypertension to a greater extend is the garlic. The relaxation of the blood vessels during high pressure will calm down the body this action is done by the allicin. Garlic also prevents the platelet aggregation by fighting against thrombosis.

Eye health:

The infection or the swelling caused in eye is reduced by the nutrients in garlic which are selenium, vitamin C and quercetin. It is also used in curing the eye aches because of its antiviral, antibiotic and antifungal properties. The mixture of garlic cloves and olive oil can be also used instead of the garlic oil.

Reduces intestinal problems:

The intestinal problems like dysentery, colitis and diarrhea is reduced by garlic. It prevents these problems by killing the harmful worms in the intestines and does not kill the useful organisms that help in the digestion process.

Antiseptic and Prevents cold:

The infected wounds when treated with garlic minimize the irritation caused in skin. Hence, this herbal treatment should be carried out using raw garlic. The best remedy for cold and coughs is the raw garlic. In the early stages of cold, if consumed crushed garlic regularly severe cold infection is prevented.

Digestion process:

Elimination of digestion problems is experienced when garlic is consumed in regular basis. Normal functioning is favoured by the garlic and even the swelling or irritation caused in the gastric canal is decreased by garlic.

Skin health:

The prevention of acne is done by the garlic along with the other substance such as honey, turmeric and cream to cleanse the acne scars and development of acne. Thus, garlic is used for soothing up of skin rashes because of its antibiotic properties.  

Prevents Asthma and sexual problems:

Boiled garlic cloves are the best remedy for asthma it brings out the subsequent pain relief to the patients. The mixture of crushed garlic cloves and malt vinegar controls the asthma attacks. The aphrodisiac properties of garlic are used as an effective sex rejuvenator. It improves the libido of adults. Nervous fatigues caused in the people who involve more sexual activities are highly recommended to consume garlic every day.

Anti-cancer treatment:

The risk of colon, esophageal and stomach cancer is reduced by garlic. It also helps in the prevention of production of carcinogenic substances and the tumors involved in breast cancer.