Benefits Of Organic Foods

Benefits Of Organic Food

Any type of food grown without the use of artificial fertilizers and insecticides is termed as organic food. There is no evidence to prove that organic food is better than normal or conventional food. However, lot of studies and research have pointed to the fact that eating organic food will lower the levels of toxins that enter the body. In fact it has been proved that organic milk and tomatoes are more beneficial to the health than non-organic ones. So, if we want to give a boost of health to ourselves and our family then we must include organic items in our food.

Let us check out few benefits of Organic food.

Benefits Of Organic Foods


Most of the conventional food growers use pesticides and artificial fertilizers. These tend to interfere with the minerals and vitamins that are present in the food. The toxins and heavy metals can reduce the capacity of the organic compounds present in the food to fight the free radicals. Studies have shown that organic food items increase the number of antioxidants in the body and provide more nutrients. These antioxidants are very useful in preventing a large number of ailments and keeping us healthy and strong.

Non-organic food is grown by using a variety of pesticide to keep the insects and bugs at bay. The artificial pesticides contain many strong chemicals which are successful in keeping the insects away but are not required by the human body. When we consume food which has these chemicals then we also consume some amount of these chemicals. Many health issues are related to these chemicals. Especially during the developmental stage of children it is absolutely important that these chemicals to be kept away. They can cause autism and other health issues related to development. However organic food is free from these harmful chemicals and has numerous benefits on the overall well being of children as well as adults.

There has been a steady rise in the food that is grown using genetic modification. These foods may seem bigger and better but there are a great number of health issues that are related with the consumption of these foods. It was seen that the genetically modified foods reduce the immune system of the body over a period of time. This has given rise to a variety of other problems like increase in some types of cancer, allergies and birth mortality. On the other hand organic foods are high in nutrients that are natural and hence boost the immune system of the body. Animals that have been reared in the natural way provide food that is high in healthy fatty acids and thus prevents many heart diseases.


All of us are conscious of our health and want to stay healthy. We want the same for our children. Organic food is definitely a beneficial option as it is free of the antibiotics used in conventional farming. Most of the dairy farm owners and livestock houses feed antibiotics to their animals and these antibiotics enter our system too. This extra dose of antibiotic is very harmful for our body and it causes resistance against drugs. It also tends to reshape our immune system so that finally it will no longer be able to defend itself against any kind of bacteria or virus. Organic farmers do not feed any antibiotics to their poultry or cattle thus making the food products safe. Organic food products do not have any negative effects on the body as they are free of all kinds of toxins.
As we begin to use organic food we will also notice the change in the taste of food. Since, organic food is all natural it tastes better. Organic food is mostly produced and sold locally hence it is always fresh. It is also environment friendly. By not using harmful chemicals organic food producers ensure that not just their products are safe but also there is no danger to the environment.