running benefits

Benefits of Running

An incredible way of maintaining our health is just by running. Running, has numerous benefits, making person’s life to enter into a whole new-fangled world.

Running is a physical exercise which can be done at any time in our day-to-day life is now becoming reduced. When people get to know about it’s benefits, they will try to practice it at least once a day. Jogging can also be practiced instead running every day.


Intensity difference is seen in the two of this activity. Running will require higher efforts from muscles, heart and lungs, whereas jogging is just a mere running. Hence, running uses more kilo joules. Both these aerobic exercise makes way for reaction between oxygen and glucose in the blood.

running benefits
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What are the Benefits of Running:

  • Health Improvement:

Running is an enormous way of increasing the health level. High Level Lipoprotein (HDL) or the good cholesterol is increased by performing this activity. It helps in functioning of lungs properly. Immune system is made high and lowers blood clot issues. Hence controls the cardiac disorders and carries out usual performance of the heart.

  • Weight Loss:

Best solution for maintaining weight is by running. Calories are burnt off effectively by running every day. The surplus fat collection is due to the lack of running thus, this physical exercise provides a slimmer look.

  • Stronger bones and loss of muscles:

Bone strength is increased for teenagers who run daily and in case of adult bone density is boosted up. Though, there is loss of muscles running significantly helps in having the body in a good shape.

  • Hormone growth:

It improves the growth of hormones in children and teens leading to the growth to the individual. It increases even height, weight and normal energy levels.

  • Reduces Stroke:

Maintain more efficiency in mental levels and muscular structure which is efficient tools against the strokes and heart attacks. It improves health and the blood vessels are cleared out that carry out blood to and fro from brain by fighting against strokes. Increases muscle strength and add up to the cardiovascular fitness.

  • Diabetes:

Balanced level of carbohydrates and sugar are maintained by running. This prevents diabetes. The surplus fats are burnt and clean blood flows throughout the body that provides a healthier life.

  •  Hypertension:

It is the high blood pressure. Running provides reduction blood pressure and avoids the risk of different heart problems even the atherosclerosis.

  • Reduces Blood clotting:

It protects against the injuries by improving the blood clotting. Hence, quick healing of wounds is favored.

  • Immune system improvement:

Stronger immune system is produced that leads to the infection-free and disease free body.

  • Reduction of Stress levels:

  1. Stress, the cause of many diseases in our body can be reduced by running. Also lessen sleep activities and appetite. Tension headaches are totally reduced.
  2. Better mental health is obtained from running. Best solution for depression and stress is running which is very effective.
  3. Self esteem and confidence level are powered up which is an unknown fact in running.
  4. Eliminates dejection and sadness in one’s life. By running, secretion of hormones is increased in the brain that eventually makes our mind problem free.
  5. Even a short run helps us by making centered and energized.

Other benefits:

  1. Water or any fluids can be taken while running so that the body doesn’t get tired soon. Thus, running will seem to be an easy task.
  2. Dementia symptoms are reduced by running since it keeps sharp mind and thus boosts up memory power. It protects against Alzheimer in the brain.
  3. One of the surprising facts is that running actually makes us live longer by creating more stamina in our body.