Benefits Of Tae-Bo

This is the newest form of exercise which is very popular these days. It is a combination of martial arts along with boxing and some dance moves. This art was developed in 1976 by Billy Blanks and it became very popular in 1990s. Mr Blanks was an American taekwondo specialist whose cardio boxing was commercially very successful. Tae Bo is a derived from tae kwon do and boxing. It is known to be the best cardiovascular exercise in the fitness world. It is the best workout to tone your body and to define your musculature. It can improve your balance, coordination and flexibility. This high intensity one hour workout can burn about 500 to 800 calories. It is far more effective than a routine gym or aerobic workout. It also teaches some amazing self defensive techniques.  It is also a short form standing for Total commitment Awareness Excellence Body Obedience

The numerous benefits:


Tae bo benefitsTae means leg or foot representing the kicks of martial arts. Bo is short form of boxing helping in striking and self defence. It benefits the health and the functioning of the body to a great extend. It works wonders in toning the body. It works on shoulders, chest and arms. It also builds the lower body the thighs and buns along with the core muscles of spinal cord and oblique.

The Cardiovascular workout!

This high energy workout with some dance moves results in the best cardio fitness regime. One of the greatest assets of this work out is that it works on every part like spinal erecters, oblique and abs. It is a complete muscle workout which builds strength and is known to be the best cardio workout. A great combination of boxing, martial arts, dances and aerobic that gives the body a complete fitness regime.

Weight loss!

It is a high energy workout which surely results in burning the calories. It gives great results when it is combined with a good healthy diet. If followed in a routine for an hour daily, one can lose 700 calories at an average in a day. Thus, one can guess how power pact this regime is, to benefit in losing weight. It can be combined with a diet that will have a lot of greens and juices which further can help one to lose weight.

Self Defence!

This workout is a combination of martial arts and boxing. The kicking and punching technique followed here can give you great self defence method to protect yourself. It gives you the confidence and strength along with flexibility and endurance. These factors will surely help you in defending yourself in emergency. This little technique can benefit you by fending off certain assailants. It is a fun way to learn the basics of self defence.

Easy! Fun! Possible anywhere!

Apart from the health benefits tae bo workout is very much beneficial to humans all over the world. It is easy to follow, convenient to do anywhere and is total fun as it is very contagious to work out in tae Bo routine. It gives one good positive vibes. Improves your health and builds your body stronger. The moves and the techniques in this kind of work out can never be boring and thus it benefits one as they sweat out along with total fun. The dance moves and the routine helps build a lot of confidence within one. Thus it keeps one motivated throughout in a positive manner.

Tae Bo Facts!

It is of great benefit as; it doesn’t require a high equipped gym or location. It can be done at home or anywhere with a little space. You just need to be committed towards the fitness. It is one of the best workouts for Heart and lungs and helps you to keep away from the life style diseases.
It is fun mixed with some great regime which can keep one toned, healthy, positive, and strong.