Black Tea Benefits

Black Tea Benefits

Black tea is popular among all teas because of its Medicinal Value. Usually, Tea is consumed next to water all around the world. Reports have proven that 80% of the tea consumption are from U.S households; and it is the only beverage that served either hot or iced. One of the main black tea benefits is its antioxidant property.

Black tea is considered as a good option for your lifestyle because of its health benefits. The leaves extracted from small shrub called Camellia sinensis, is completely oxidized than other regular teas. Many people prefer black tea over green tea; but the only difference is the way they have been processed.

When the teas are processed, black tea is brewed and oxidized more making it unique in terms of flavor, color and healthier; While the other teas like White tea and Green tea are not brewed.

Nutritional Content of Black tea:

Black tea has many beneficial value that are known world-wide. Black tea is rich in antioxidant property; and a chemical compound called ‘Polyphenols’; which prevents us from degenerative diseases like cancer, cardiovascular problems and a minimal amount of protein, sodium and carbohydrates.

Asian people add sugars, spices, chocolates or even rare herbs while brewing their tea. Indians usually add milk and sugar to the black tea; and some even add ginger, holy basil ( also known as tulsi ) cardamom, mulethi or lemon grass.

Black Tea Benefits

What are the Black tea Benefits?

Weight loss :

Since Black Tea is very less in fat, sodium and calories helps much in weight reduction and weight maintenance. The antioxidants in black tea correct and balances metabolism which helps to burn the body fat effectively.

Antioxidants :

Black Tea is a source of Camellia tree which is abundantly containing chemical substances called Polyphenols (thearubigins and theaflavins). This Polyphenol is a type of antioxidant which indeed supports in the treatments of brain injury, hearing impairment and Parkinson’s disease.

Oral Health & Immune Booster:

Black tea contains Fluoride which safeguards oral health and makes teeth free from cavity. It contains Alkylamine antigens which fight against the anti-bodies and boost our immune system. Tannins, a main chemical substance which is primarily present in the black tea has the capability to fight against the viruses and protect us from common viruses in our daily lives.

Osteoporosis :

Osteoporosis, brittle bone is now-a-days more common not only in old people but also in younger generation. The main factor is less intake of calcium or congenital ( from birth ). Apart from having regular calcium supplements, regular intake of Black Tea increases the strength of bones and avoids fractures.

Ovarian Cancer and Breast Cancer :

It is a more prevalent cancer in women. Women who continuously intake the black or other teas will have a very minimal risk of cancer. It also helps increasing the globulin hormonal levels during menstrual periods and the antioxidant compound called ‘theaflavins’ aids in destroying the abnormal cells before they could cause any damage to the body.

So, the black tea is considered to benefit us equally as green tea.

Reducing Hypertension and cardiovascular disease:

Long term usage of black tea gradually decreases the high blood pressure, both systolic and diastolic and thus improves the heart health by maintaining periodic beat rhythms. This low caffeine contented black tea improves the blood circulation.

Postprandial hypotension is balanced by the intake of black tea for the aged people. Arteries hardening ( atherosclerosis ) is reduced in both men and women at the prolonged intake of Black Tea.

Skin and Hormone level Maintenance :

As we know drinking tea hydrates the total body, black tea increases moisture of the skin, thus keeps healthy and glowing. The amino acid L-theanine presents in Black Tea increases concentration and gives more relaxation. When consuming black tea in a moderate amount, the stress hormone Cortisol secretion level is reduced and keeping us stress free.

Curing Diarrhea and Digestive ailments :

Presence of abundant Tannins in black tea reacts as Anti-inflammatory, relaxes the digestive system and also cures intestinal disorders such as diarrhea, nausea. A flavonoid called Quercetin, is fighting against the inflammation and makes the immune factor healthy.

Hyperlipidemia :

Blood concentration of LDL cholesterol in other word “ Bad Cholesterol “ is lowered by the prolonged intake of black tea. Recently Japan had a research that, absorption of Fat into the blood cell is blocked by black tea and helps very much in weight reduction. The testing was performed on rat by ingesting black tea and high fat diet. The result was that the ingested rat was lowered in its cholesterol level.

Thus Black tea serves as energizer, natural medicine and immune booster. Do have a cup of black tea at our everyday life to stay healthy. But, there are researches stating that, if black tea is added with milk, then it’s beneficial value is minimized.