Brahmi Herb Benefits

Brahmi is a combination of two ayurvedic herbs. Herbs like Centella asiatica and Bacopa monnieri are used in referring brahmi. In Sanskrit Brahmi means the feminine essence of universal consciousness. It is also said to be the creative potential of pure awareness. These herbs are also found in America. They are either annual or perennial. Mostly grow in moist amphibious conditions but few species of this herb require aquatic conditions. They can be cultivated in fresh water aquariums or near some ponds in warm conditions. They need ample amount of sunlight and are easy but slow in growing.

Benefits of Brahmi can be summarized as:


It opens and clarifies the mind.
Strengthens and sharpens the memory.
Supports focus and concentration.
It gives a balanced emotional state.
It gives energy in the day and good sleep in the night.
It supports healthy blood cells.
It helps in maintaining healthy skin and hair.

Benefit to Brain

It has astonishing benefits to our brain. It rejuvenates us and enhances the memory. It improves our concentration and increases our consciousness. Subtlety and clarity of mind is also achieved by this herb. It helps us to concentrate and meditate more effectively. It improves the intellect and intelligence of a person. It helps in developing the brain and gives a pure mental balance to the mind. It helps in keeping our mind calm and relaxes our mind from all the stress.

Benefits in nervous system

Brahmi is very effective in maintaining the health of our nervous system. It nourishes the nerve tissues and releases tension from them. It has both the positive effects on our nervous system. It stimulates alertness during the day. Also it relaxes and calms our body in stressful conditions. It keeps the nervous system in control and helps to control certain body activities which may be unbalanced due to stress. It also slows down the ageing process.

Benefits to Skin

This herb is very soothing to the skin and scalp. It is very effective in clearing aberrations on the skin. It helps the nervous system to stimulate and result in healthy hair and skin. The dermal application of this herb soothes the skin. It keeps it clean, soft and protects from dirt and dust. It enhances proper healing of wounds on the skin and minimizes the scars on it.

Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s is a heart breaking disease caused due to psychological, genetic and environmental factors. The Amyloid formation in the neuron cells of the brain can cause damage to brain cells. This damage can further result in Alzheimer’s disease. Scientists have proved that Brahmi herb can help in the treatment of this disease. It effects on the nervous system and thus helps in improving the memory.

Protection from Junk food

The lifestyle is changing rapidly. The junk food intake is increasing day by day. These junk foods have certain toxic substance like acrylamide. Acrylamide is carcinogenic in nature that damages our cells. Brahmi is the only herb which can provide protection to our cells from oxidative stress and neuro-toxic damage. This herb when mixed with turmeric can do wonders to protect our brain cells.

Chronic Comfort

Many diseases in the brain and in our body are related to chronic redness and irritation. Herbs like Brahmi when combined with turmeric can benefit the body by reducing the chronic discomfort. It is a potential therapy for systemic redness, chronic discomfort and neuropathy.

Boosts Cognitive Agility

Studies show that Brahmi promotes, boosts and improves cognitive performance. It works as a wonderful therapy to people who suffer from cognitive issues. It also improves the attention span in children. It improves the foggy memory and blurred focus.

Stress Reduction

This herb works magically positively on neuron cells. It reduces the stress to a large extend. It reduces the cortisol which is the stress hormone. It is responsible for its reduction and balancing the stress level of humans.