carrot juice benefits

Carrot Juice benefits

Carrots are widely known for its excellent source of Vitamin A. Carrot juice benefits includes improving your vision, prevents cancers, aging, helps with cholesterol and much more. Carrot is a orange colored root vegetable that has a sweet taste, whose most common edible part is Taproot. It is usually liked by the people across the world and mostly used in the preparation of Carrot and Veg Salads, Juices.

Scientific name of carrot : Daucus carota

Carrots are cultivated practically everywhere around the world; and also considered as one of the versatile vegetables in numerous cuisines. Furthermore, they provide you with packed deal of Vitamins and minerals, which help you detoxifying your body, improves cardiovascular health and boosts your immunity.

Carrots comes in different colors like white, yellow, purple and even red; but it’s just not as common as orange. Usually, taproot of the carrot is consumed, while the greens are not used as much. Carrots which are grown in wild usually do have a woody texture which are not edible, so selected cultivation was done for carrots which we are familiar with today.

One of the main health benefits of carrot is it’s medicinal value, of course along with its crunchy texture and taste, which surprisingly gets a browny points with children.

Nutritional Content in Carrot Juice:

Carrot Juice is rich in nutrients and vitamins; and it is considered as one of the main source of Antioxidant agents. Carrots are rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B8, potassium, iron, folate, Vitamin K, pantothenic acid, manganese and copper. But, most of the carrot benefit is associated with beta carotene.

carrot juice benefits

What are the Carrot Juice Benefits?

Rich in Antioxidant & Vitamins:

Beta – Carotene, antioxidant presents in Carrot gives bright orange colour which is absorbed in the intestine and turns as vitamin A during digestion. Vitamin k, Vitamin E, Fiber, Manganese, Phosphorus, Zinc, Potassium are rich in Carrot and intake of carrot in any form as raw, cooked and fresh juice keeps the body healthy with all necessary supplements.

Vision Protection :

Generally deterioration of photoreceptors of eyes leads to poor vision due to the deficiency of Vitamin A. Ocular vision can be corrected and retained to normal by huge intake of high beta carotene filled carrots. Even common problems among elders like Macular Degeneration is improved.

Cholesterol and diabetic controller :

Potassium rich carrot juice drops down the cholesterol level and the continuous intake of carrot juice detoxifies and protects the liver. Presence of Manganese, Potassium and Magnesium standardize blood sugar level and maintains the diabetic level.

Immune Enhancer :

The abundant vitamins, fiber, and other mineral salts in carrot juice cleanses the entire body, elevates immunity and restricts the aging process, resists prematurity.

Cancer Prevention :

Falcarinol and Falcarindiol, natural pesticide produced by carrots stimulate the body to fight against the cancer. Hence this anti-cancer property, reduces the risk of lung / colon / breast cancer by regular intake of raw carrot, carrot juice.

Safeguards from Heart related problems:

One of the major cause of heart problems is High cholesterol. But, people who have been consuming carrots regularly have shown improvement in their cholesterol level. Because, presence of alpha-carotene and lutein in carrot decreases the risk of heart diseases.

When a group of Swedish Scientists found that root vegetables can reduce any type of heart problems. Immediately, a study research was started at Mario Negri Institute of Pharmacological Research, which is in italy found that, whoever has consumed carrots has shown less risk to heart problems than who haven’t.

Glowing skin :

Anti-oxidants, Vitamin rich carrots save the skin from damage, dryness, wrinkles, acne, blemishes and pigmentation. Regular consumption of carrot juice makes the skin healthy and glowing.

Hemorrhage controller:

Vitamin K has the property of controlling mild to moderate hemorrhage and this carrot juice helps for clotting of blood.

Pre-natal supplement :

When carrot juice is in-taken during pregnancy period, the quality of breast milk is improvised and nourished. This Vitamin A fulfilled Carrot juice helps the fetal growth and during lactation period the vitamin and mineral enriched milk helps the baby’s healthy growth.

Metabolic Inducer :

Carrot juice contains vitamin B complexes which break down Protein, Fatty acids and glucose and thus increases metabolic rate. Vitamin B complexes make the body fresh with increased oxygen to carry out day to day activity swiftly which in turn reduces body weight.

Appetite Filler:

The fiber content of Carrot juice aids in digestion and makes your stomach filled for a long time. As it reduces the hunger automatically weight loss is triggered. Carrot juice consumption says bye to Obesity.

Muscle builder :

Vitamin A and Phosphorous of Carrot juice heals the body after a blood-shed work, builds and strengthen muscles.

Brain Health :

Carrot has an ability to reduce the oxidative stress of the brain and this oxidative stress is capable of weakening the nerve signal capacity. Carrot juice thus improves memory, saves the brain from Alzheimer’s disease, and decreases cognitive disabilities.

This, All-in-one versatile vegetable is being cultivated across the global, so feel free to drink the naturally sweetened carrot juice to sustain your health till your good days.