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Benefits Of Pilate

With the increase in intake of junk food, more stressful life and of course the unhealthy yet polluted living; individuals are ideally negle [...]

Benefits Of Rebounding

Rebounding is basically jumping on a mini trampoline in gentle bounces. Here our foot does not leave the trampoline, making us rise about 6 [...]

Benefits of physical activity!

Physical activity is movement of the body by using energy. Walking, playing soccer, climbing the stairs gardening, briskly pushing a baby s [...]

Benefits Of Volunteering

As we become busy with our lives we tend to become cocooned in our own little world. We do not go out and meet people and are confined to ou [...]

Benefits of Running

An incredible way of maintaining our health is just by running. Running, has numerous benefits, making person’s life to enter into a whole [...]

Benefits of Jogging

Jogging is a warm up running in a steady pace before initiating any physical exercise. Jogging is a form of Aerobic exercise. Raising the he [...]
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