Cherry Juice Benefits

Living healthy is not just a lifestyle choice it is a must. There are so many things about your health you cannot control; for example you cannot control your age or your genetic makeup. Still there are some small changes which you can easily introduce into your routine to make you live happier and healthier. Taking small steps everyday can lead to a longer life free of diseases and ailments. Introducing cherry juice in your daily diet is one such small step. It is not only tasty and refreshing it has some amazing health benefits too, as it is high in potassium and iron.


Helps After Workout

Cherry juice is known to be very high in potassium. Every cup of cherry juice can compensate about 10% of your dietary requirement of potassium. So after you have had a good day at your gym the potassium in the juice will not only keep you hydrated it will help to maintain electrical impulses, blood pressure, heart rate, nerve impulses, digestion and pH balance.

Non Inflammatory

Many people suffering from arthritis complain of excruciating pain, swelling and inflammation. The culprit behind all these is the increased uric acid in your blood. Now drinking a cup of cherry juice can help reduce the level of uric acid by as much as 15%.

Helps in Weight Loss

A study has found that cherry juice has many of the essential elements of vitamin b such as riboflavin and b6. These boost your metabolism and in turn help to burn the fat. The large amount of anthocyanins found in cherry juice will prevent the accumulation of fat in the abdomen.

Prevents Cancer Growth

There are flavonoids in cherries which give them their deep red color. When you drink cherry juice it releases powerful antioxidants in your system which benefits in preventing the cancer cells from growing. A study done on animals, in 2003, found that cherry juice considerably reduced the colon cancer cells from growing.

Treats Insomnia

Cherry juice has been found to have some amount of melatonin, which is a hormone that induces sleep. It is also found commonly in medications for insomnia. So to get a good night’s sleep all you have to do is drink some cherry juice before sleeping. The goodness of cherry juice with all the antioxidants and anti inflammatory properties will make sure that you wake up fresh in the morning. So avoid all those drugs that induce sleep and treat your insomnia and treat it with healthy cherry juice.

Controls Blood Pressure

To keep your blood pressure under control you need to remove excess sodium from your body and cherry juice does just that as it is a very rich source of potassium. Drinking cherry juice will benefit you in lowering down your blood pressure and keep it in control. So when you are bored of eating that banana for potassium, switch to the refreshing cherry juice to complete your potassium intake.

Improves Immunity

The cherry juice has enough antioxidants and flavonoids to fight infection. Hence it helps in boosting your immune system and keeps you healthy and strong.

Fights Gout

Lots of studies have proved time and again that a chemical anthocynain found in cherry juice helps relieve pain in the joints caused by gout. Cherry juice can considerably lower the levels of uric acid in your blood. This uric acid, when it gets accumulated in the joints causes swelling which is very painful. Drinking a cup of cherry juice will keep your uric acid levels under control thereby preventing the painful inflammation of gout.

If you are an individual who is health conscious and wants to make an effort to live life without pain, switch to drinking cherry juice rather than sodas and health drinks. This juice does not offer you any cure but it does give you an alternative to start living a pain free life.