Co-Enzyme Q10 Benefits

Coenzyme Q10 or CoQ10, as it is commonly called, is very similar to vitamins present in your body. The cells of your body are capable of producing CoQ10 that is required for the growth and maintenance of the cells and to produce energy. It is also found naturally in some food materials like beef, sardines, peanuts, and soy oil. Since it is a coenzyme, its function is to help the enzymes in performing bodily functions and protect the muscles of heart and skeleton. It is available as a dietary supplement also. Research shows that CoQ10 is very effective against neurological disorders and heart ailments. It has also been found to be beneficial against warding off many age related disorders.


CoQ10 supplements are often recommended for patients to help treat heart failure symptoms. Additionally it is known that survivors of cardiac arrest often have damage to the brain due to disruption of oxygen. Studies in Europe have found that CoQ10 when combined with other techniques can reduce damage to neurons and increase the level of treatment. It was found that the patients who were administered CoQ10 showed remarkable neurological outcome. CoQ10 was also found to be beneficial in reducing the death rate from cardiac arrest by more than fifty percent.  

a large majority of people suffer from migraines. These headaches can be very debilitating and can stop the person from doing routine things normally. There can be various triggers of migraine and all research shows that headache occurs when the supply of oxygen becomes limited due to the dysfunction of mitochondria. Studies further found that CoQ10 can be used successfully to prevent occurrence of migraine in patients suffering from it for more than a year. Even in patients who seem to have more than three episodes of migraine in a month it seemed to work very well. It was successfully able to bring down the number of episodes of migraine and reduce the frequency of migraine by almost thirty percent.

age related degeneration of the cells of the eye, also known as macula, is inevitable. It is the most common cause of vision problems in elderly. As the degeneration of macular cells worsen it becomes impossible to do even the most basic tasks like reading and driving. Eye incurs the maximum damage due to pollution, ultra violet rays and free radicals. Research has shown that antioxidants can delay the degeneration of macular cells due to age. Many people were given CoQ10 supplements with other combination of nutrients and it was seen that in most people the deposits in the eye, which cause degeneration of cells, was significantly lower. It was also seen that regular consumption of CoQ10 actually improved vision in affected eyes of patients.

it was found that patients with cancer had very little coenzyme Q10 present in their cells. Studies have now found that CoQ10 can increase the immunity in cancer patients. A research was carried specifically for breast cancer patients who were given CoQ10 with a combination of other nutrients over a period of extended time. It was that there was regression in tumor and decreased metastasis. Another study concluded that CoQ10 along with the conventional medicines reduced the chances of damage to the heart caused by these medicines. It also found that in high risk breast cancer patient’s daily dose of CoQ10 along with other vitamins and nutrients stopped the spreading of cancerous cells and none of the patients showed signs of metastases in addition to what they already had. CoQ10 proved tremendously beneficial in one case where the tumor of the patient completely disappeared. The effects of chemotherapy are very toxic and damaging for the heart. Coenzyme Q10 was seen to protect the damage done to the heart muscles by reducing the toxicity caused by cancer drugs.