Epsom Salt bath

Epsom Salt bath benefits

Epsom Salt an inorganic salt contains Oxygen, Sulfur and Magnesium and it is called as Magnesium Sulfate. Epsom Salt is used in medications, agriculture and also used for pain conditions. Our traditional system of Epsom Salt bath benefits our body in many areas like detoxifying, cleansing and energizing.

Epsom Salt bath
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What are Epsom Salt bath benefits?

Toxins removal:

The minerals of Epsom salt say Magnesium Sulfate are absorbed by the skin cells and sucked into blood stream. Skins pores absorb all necessary minerals form the water and removes toxins every day.  When taking bath using Epsom salt it creates a reverse osmosis process. This process exits excess salts and toxins from the blood thru the Epsom salt bath and absorbs Magnesium and sulfate to the blood.

Heart health:

Magnesium and Sulfate levels increase the blood circulation, lower blood pressure, prevent blood clotting and arteries hardening. These Magnesium and Sulfates regulate the heart beats and shield heart and their muscles from various heart diseases. Thus Epsom salt bath benefits heart health in a huge level.

Stress reliever:

Magnesium is a natural stress reliever and mood elevator of the body. Secretion of excess adrenaline and stress will reduce the level of Magnesium. When Magnesium filled Epsom salt bath is taken regularly one can set free from depression and anxiety. Magnesium is necessary to bind with serotonin to elevate the mood to stay us relaxed.

Nerve Functioning:

Magnesium regulates electrolyte functions and improves nerve function. Though calcium conducts electrical current in the body, but still Magnesium is essential to maintain Calcium level in the blood. Bathing in Epsom salt also induces nerve functions.

Pain Reliever:

Body pain, muscle cramps, Migraine are reduced by Epsom Salt bathing. It relaxes the entire body functions and induces good sleep. Epsom salt bath greatly benefits the people who have chronic arthritis, rheumatic conditions.


Proper availability of Sulfate and Magnesium stabilizes the Insulin secretion and also lowers the risk of diabetes.


Epsom Salt is used as a laxative to cleanse the colon for the free flow of stools. Epsom salt increases the water level and induces to defecate. When Epsom Salt bath is undergone, it relaxes the stiffness of colon as well as enters into anus, causing temptation to defecate.

Beauty therapy:

When Epsom salt along with olive oil mixture is applied on the wet skin and rubbed, it totally exfoliates the dead skin and cells, thus softens. Rinsing thru Epsom salt water replenishes the skin. Epsom salt with Iodine drops streaming both removes the blackheads and dark circles. Hair conditioner with Epsom salt blend application for the hair improves the hair volume, when the hair after condition is rinsed with Epsom salt it makes hair glittering.

Plants Nutrient:

Magnesium and Sulfate are important nutrients for Plants growth. Sprinkling Epsom salt water on the plants improves growth and nourishes the plants with flowers, fruits and vegetables. Epsom salt water also prevents the plants from pests, acts as Natural pest controller.

Thus Epsom salt bath and how it benefits not only human beings and also saves atmosphere by improving plants growth.