Green Tea Benefits

Chinese invented a Green Tea. There are many benefits of drinking what is touted to be the healthiest drink of our times. Drinking green tea releases an exceptional amount of antioxidants into your body which in turn improve many functions happening within the body.

Lowers Cancer Risk

When there is an extraordinary increase in the number of cells in any part of the body it is classified as cancer. The antioxidants present in green tea have a protective effect, which negates the growth of cancer cells. Green tea has been found to be beneficial in lowering the risk of breast cancer, prostate cancer, colorectal cancer and even oral cancer. Drinking lots of green tea everyday will lower your risk of getting cancer by up to 22 %.

Burns Fat

As you drink green tea you increase the number of antioxidants in your system which in turn quickly burn away all the fat and your metabolic rate also increases. A study proved that green tea increases the metabolic rate by up to 10 %, and it transports fatty acids from the tissues where it is stored and makes it available as energy. So as you burn fat in the gym, keep drinking a good amount of green tea as it will double your efforts of losing that fat.

Improves Eye Sight

One cup of green tea can give you more benefits than eating carrots may. It has been found that an antioxidant called catechin has the ability to be absorbed by the tissues found in the eye. This antioxidant is found in abundance in green tea. A recent study found that catechin not only improves your eyesight but can actually prevent the formation of cataract. When you drink more green tea more are the chances that it is absorbed by these tissues giving you improved eyesight.

Lowers Cancer Risk

These days the easy availability junk food has seen a considerable increase in obesity. The bad cholesterol or LDL increases every time we go for an unhealthy snack. It was seen that drinking at least five glasses of green tea in a day can stop the absorption of this bad cholesterol into the large intestine. It is here that maximum cholesterol is absorbed and green tea is effective in forming a barrier between that fat and intestines. So if you want to stay healthy and slim, drink lots of green tea.

Lowers Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Risk

Both Alzheimer and Parkinson are “neurodegenerative diseases”. While Alzheimer’s causes former memory loss and the parkinson’s causes the loss of control over ones muscles. Drinking green tea is beneficial as it will release various antioxidants into the blood including Catechin which have a positive effect on neurons thereby preventing both the diseases.

Prevents Plaque

Tannic acid is found in most of your normal teas and it responsible for turning your teeth yellow. On the other hand green tea can control the acidity level and bacteria in your saliva and prevents formation of dental plaque and cavities. Drinking green tea is actually good for your oral hygiene.

As you have read above green tea is not just any ordinary tea, it contains powerful antioxidants in the form of flavonoids, catechins and polyphenols. Most of these antioxidants help in preventing the development of free radicals. Free radicals are known for damaging the cells and molecules and add to the process of aging and catching diseases. These antioxidants also have medicinal properties and can thereby prevent many diseases. These also have powerful anti allergic properties and can provide relief from pollen allergies. So go on and get that cup ready and move to a better, healthier and slimmer you.