Hemp Protein benefits

Hemp protein is a high fiber protein supplement that is obtained from the hemp seed. Due to its great digestibility hemp is considered to be a superior protein source which is quite beneficial for athletes. The better a protein gets digested the more effective it is for the body. Hemp protein also has the potential to enhance the immune and also contains anti-fatigue properties and kidney-protective effects. Hemp can be grown for food as well as non food purposes. The hemp seed from which the hemp protein is obtained is composed of majorly oil, protein and carbohydrates. It is environmentally friendly due to its carbon dioxide absorbing capacity.  Hemp protein is rich in fiber that has a number of health improving properties. Fiber rich diet can lower the risk for heart disease, constipation, type-2 diabetes and diverticular disease. Hemp protein is obtained from the seed of Cannabis sativa.

Hemp protein benefits as an additional nutrient!

Hemp protein is an excellent source of protein just like any other legumes and soy. It contains all the known 21 amino acids proportionation of the 9 vital amino acids that the body takes from other dietary sources because it can’t produce its own. It is also known as a complete protein. Amino acids along with carbohydrates are burned by the muscles for obtaining energy. The metabolism of hemp proteins is more direct and requires less processing by the liver as compared to other proteins. Hemp protein is beneficial for athletes as it helps build strength and muscle mass


Hemp protein for practical uses!

The proteins in hemp are same as proteins found in human body. Hemp proteins provide the correct amino acids that help our bodies to make the proteins it requires. Hemp protein contains albumin’s and globulin, two of the three most common kinds of proteins present in our body. Hemp has more of these two than any other type of plant-based source of protein. Hemp is also a source of arginine and histidine, the amino acid required for growth. It is also a great source of amino acids that are branch-chained and are required for growth and repair of lean body tissue.

It’s a good source of energy!

Hemp protein also provides the essential fatty acids that include omega-3 and omega-6 in a 3:1 ratio. It is also one of the sources of gamma linolenic acid that is another source of omega-6 EFAs. All of them are great sources of energy and are found abundantly in hemp proteins. These may help to reduce food cravings, inflammation and also improve circulation.

Important health benefits of hemp proteins!

A diet that is rich in hemp proteins promotes digestive regularity. When it is sprinkled on cereal or fruits at breakfast, helps in satiety and prevents one from snacking. The Omega-3 EFA’s in hemp decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease and may regulate blood pressure. Alzheimer’s disease may also be prevented using them. The Omega-6 fatty acids in hemp proteins help in vitalizing the skin. It also induces the hair growth,and it modulates the metabolism rate. In addition it stabilizes the bone health and helps the brain to function normally. The amino acids present in them improve muscle control, maintenance of cells, tissues and organs.

Benefits of Hemp protein for our Earth!
Producing hemp protein on a large scale is very much earth friendly. This excellent form of protein is obtained by acquiring the rich seeds of the hemp plant that grows tall very fast and kills weeds due to its dense growth. Thus, pesticides or herbicides are unnecessary when growing the hemp plant and manufacturing hemp protein. As compared to other crops containing proteins, production of hemp protein is more cost effective and causes some affluents to the ambiance. The uses of protein may have been known thousands of years back. They are a source of gluten-free protein with a great amount of essential fatty acids and fiber as well. They are not genetically modified so are easy to grow and therefore lead to a healthy environment.