Jasmine tea benefits

Jasmine Tea benefits

Jasmine Tea is like an ordinary tea but with an exotic scent. The Health Benefits of Jasmine tea are shockingly amazing, because it reduces the risk of heart problems, acts as antioxidants and helps preventing diabetes. Jasmine tea is a ‘Non-Herbal tea’, because it is actually a normal tea that is to be flavored with Jasmine flowers. You can either mix it with black or green or white tea to get the strong aroma of Jasmine; and wait until the fragrance is absorbed fully. Jasmine Tea powder can be used as normal tea dust to prepare Jasmine Tea.

The drink ‘Jasmine Tea’ emerged itself from ancient times and according to the official records it is said to be first appeared during the Song Dynasty; but in those times it was reserved specially for Royalty.  Later on, it became as a common practice around the world, and remains itself popular for its nutritive value.

Jasmine Tea can be made in numerous ways depending on its intensity of the flavor and grades. Sometimes it is made with loose leaf teas; or you can cut up put it in your tea bags and some are even rolled in different shapes. For example : ‘Jasmine Pearl’; made with two buds and one leaf. It also known for befitting your system with antioxidants like catechins and epicatechins.

Jasmine tea benefits

What are the Benefits of Jasmine Tea?


Catechins, a type of anti-oxidants present in Jasmine tea prevents the body from free radicals damage. Free radicals are nothing but oxidized molecules contain unpaired electrons. When the oxidized molecules circulate in the body, it steals electrons from other molecules and replaces their missing out electrons of its own. Thus capturing large number of electrons from our body makes our aging process fast. So consumption of Jasmine tea avoids damages caused by free radicals and keeps us always young.

Weight loss :

Presence of anti-oxidants increases metabolic rate and causes weight loss. Presence of Epigallocatechin gallate ( EGCG ) and caffeine in Jasmine will have a tendency to reduce body weight as such how normal green tea works out. Since Jasmine Tea is sweaty, there is no need to add sugar or honey since sugar is a direct substance which gains more weight.

Cholesterol controller:

Consumption of Jasmine Tea controls oxidation of bad cholesterol in the arteries which leads to inflammation. The inflamed arteries and veins will soon cause stroke and other heart problems. Jasmine Tea’s antioxidant property is playing a significant role in absorbing fat and reducing dietary fat from the body.

Jasmine Tea improves the blood circulation, reduces the risks of blood clots, brain tumor, atherosclerosis and other angina problems.


Cancer preventives are rich in Jasmine flower. The anti-oxidants EPCG avoids free radicals cells damage and prevent the body from major illness, other carcinogenic.

Methyl Jasmonate is an anti-cancer chemical present in Jasmine. The drug is primarily tested in many stages of cancer tests, showed positive and success rates.

Methyl Jasmonate and cis-jasmone, a blend of chemical substances present in Jasmine are very effective against prostate cancer cells growth.

Intake of Jasmine Tea prevents the body from carcinogenic substances invade and reduces the risk of lung, breast, colon cancers.

Mood Pacifier:

Mild fragrance always brings good mood. The presence of Linalool, a natural scent in Jasmine induces sleep, works as mild sedative. When a cup of Jasmine tea is taken, its aromatic compound calms down the unsettled mood, relaxes nervous system and physiological attitude. Jasmine Tea is a good anti-depressant.


Jasmine flowers have certain anti-inflammatory organic elements. This property heels the chronic inflammation and swelling occur in some diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis. Regular drinking of Jasmine tea reduces the inflammation in joints.

Immunity developer:

Jasmine’s strong anti-oxidant & anti-cancer properties prevents the body from free radicals damage, inhibits the invading of carcinogenic substances. Jasmine tea reduces the risk of major illness as such we described, controls cough, cold and common flu.

Soothes the bowel :

Irritable bowel syndrome is a group of colon ulcer, painful stomach, cramps, flatulence and sometimes diarrhea. Drinking Jasmine Tea relieves the pain, reduces ulcers, relaxes muscles and freed the flatulence. It is also effective for Crohn’s disease, another type of IBS.

Even though Jasmine Tea has a health benefits still it is not recommended during pregnancy because of its strong scent, Intestinal discomfort and caffeine.Before consuming consult with your doctor to avoid any sort of side effects.