Benefits of Jogging

Benefits of Jogging

Jogging is a warm up running in a steady pace before initiating any physical exercise. Jogging is a form of Aerobic exercise. Raising the heel and pushing the body pressure in toes and running is meant as Jogging. Jogging relaxes and stretches the leg, calf and thigh muscles. Jogging in the early morning empty stomach tends to burn the fat, strengthen the stomach muscles. Jogging freshens the body thus initiates the day with brisk. So that we have listed 8 benefits of Jogging are,

Benefits of Jogging
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What are the Benefits of Jogging?

  • Weight loss:

Early morning empty stomach Jogging helps to burn the excess fat ( LDL ) from the body in the form of sweat. Regular Jogging with planned diet will keep us with healthy weight.

  • Cardiac Ailments:

Jogging prevents our heart from various diseases without doing any hard exercises. Everyday Jogging improves blood circulation, supplies sufficient oxygen to all parts of the body, keeps the body and mind fresh. It is the smartest way to control our hypertension. Jogging makes heart and lungs to function efficiently.

  • Cancer prevention:

Body cells need enough oxygen to live as active cells. When the oxygen is not supplied sufficient to cells, it will turn to mutate. The mutation may lead to various cancers especially malignant stage. When Jogging is undergone regularly, enough supply of oxygen is obtained by all cells, thus prevents mutation which causes dreadful cancer.

  • Immunize:

Jogging is a form of aerobic exercise has a vital capacity in maintaining immune system strongly. Jogging induces Macrophages, ie, white blood cells eat foreign bodies, cancer cells and protect immune system from ailments and lymphocytes which have the property of fighting against all infections. Stimulation of Macrophages and lymphocytes in the blood will break thru the infections and defense our body from common flu, bacterial and viral infections.

  • Diabetes:

Source for diabetes is overweight and un-exercised & sedentary life style.  When we are idle without doing required exercises, the insulin level will have fluctuation and finally lead to diabetes. Daily Jogging will reduce overweight, regulates our digestion system, improves blood circulation and limits the insulin level according to the need.

  • Fitness & Mental health:

Being fit and smart is everyone’s dream. If we are fit enough with shaped body, our self-esteem and confidence levels will automatically raise. Jogging helps to produce Endorphins (Neurotransmitter) from the Central Nervous System & Pituitary gland which works against the external stimuli like Stress, Pain and Fear. So regular Jogging makes our mental health free from anxiety, fear, depression and other psychological disorders with the help of wonderful “Endorphins”.

  • Strengthening Muscles:

It is one of the best among all the benefits of Jogging. When going for Jogging abdominal, thigh, calf, arm and leg muscles are activated and worked out. Stretching of muscles will increase the strength and relieves the cramps. Jogging makes more calories are burned and keeps us fit and figured.

  • Metabolism:

Metabolic rate is dramatically increases when regular Jogging is undergone. Increase of metabolic rate tends to dissolve bad cholesterol, excretes toxins from the body in the form of sweats, stay us healthy, active.

This aerobic exercise Jogging can be easily performed without any stress and strain. When going for Jogging care should be taken that no food or excessive water should be consumed, when feel up-beaten shall reduce the strides and better stop Jogging. It is advisable to start Jogging only after analyzing our physical condition and present ailments.