Benefits of Reading Books

Much Needed Benefits Of Reading For Every One

Reading is an important way of self educating and offers an excellent pass time. When we were small children our mind was filled with stories and valuable information but as we grow up we start neglecting this great source of attaining knowledge. Reading improves our mind’s fitness and enables you to become mentally smart. It also expands our knowledge manifold eventually giving us an edge over a person who does not read at all. Our mind is just like a machine that is always on the search for new information. Reading provides it the required data and nourishment thereby increasing its efficiency and potentiality. It is an excellent way to give the mind the required workout to prevent it from stagnating. Knowledge is a lifelong process and one should continue reading for the growth and wellness of the mind.

Benefits Of Reading

Benefits :

Reading To Improve Mental Stimulation

Diseases like Alzheimer and Dementia can be slowed down and even prevented by being mentally stimulated.  By engaging the brain and keeping it active by reading gives it a regular exercise and keeps it strong. Games like chess and solving puzzles also help in cognitive stimulation.

Benefits of reading for Stress Reduction

Engaging ourselves in a great story keeps our stress related to our works, personal issues or countless other issues that we may face in our daily life at bay. A well-written write-up can transport us to another world diverting our attention therefore reducing the level of stress. In stress related situations reading can also make us feel better by acting as our teacher , guide , mentor and therefore relaxes the mind.

Reading for gaining Knowledge

Reading fills the head with new information which may come in handy sometime. Better knowledge makes us well-equipped to face any challenge in our daily life. Our knowledge never leaves our side in difficult scenarios. It gives us the power to assess and analyze the grim situation and further act accordingly. Reading brings this knowledge to our doorstep. For the expansion of our consciousness of the reality of this world reading is mandatory. More than a television documentary or a film reading a book gives us a detailed study of the topic which can be consulted over and over again as and when it is required.

Benefits of reading for Vocabulary Expansion

Vocabulary of an individual improves immensely on reading more and more. Better vocabulary gives a boost to our confidence level and self esteem. This may also help professionally as well- versed people are preferred over others for their fluency and better writing skills. Reading also aids in gaining knowledge of new words of other languages that the reader doesn’t know of. Reading novels also helps in improving our memory by remembering characters, history, their background, sub- plots of the story etc.

Reading develops Analytical Thinking Skills

Solving a mystery before finishing the book develops analytical and critical skills. This ability comes handy in analyzing and criticizing the plot; ascertaining whether it was well-written or not, the appeal in the story line, how true were the characters etc. By reading a book thoroughly we can voice our opinion regarding the same in an open forum. If we read about a topic we can get involved in any discussions/ debates regarding the same. Lack of knowledge can hold one back and make him feel left out in a social gathering.

Other benefits of reading

Reading enhances focus and concentration. Reading works of other eminent writers poetry, prose and drama influences us and inspires us to create new literary pieces ourselves. Books on fiction and science are entertaining and thrilling as well. Books on puzzles and riddles are mind-storming. Reading them provides a good source of entertainment. Reading books on spirituality nourishes our soul and soothes our mind. By not reading newspapers one gets devoid of all the latest happenings of the world. An individual can fix a problem only if he knows about it and for both identification and solution of a problem reading is very essential.