Neem Oil Benefits

Neem oil is obtained from the neem tree, which is a found mostly in Asia and abundantly in India. The oil is made using the seeds and leaves of neem tree and has been used for medicinal purposes for ages. Neem oil is also used as a natural insecticide and pesticide. It is used in a variety of products ranging from soaps to tooth pastes, cosmetics to dog shampoo. It is also beneficial in curing many ailments and strengthening the immune system. It improves the functioning of the liver by detoxifying the blood and helps to maintain healthy digestive system as well as respiratory and circulatory system. The oil can range from light brown to dark brown in color and is very bitter to taste. It has several anti- bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

neem oil


Neem oil has been found to be very rich in vitamin E and fatty acids. This quality is very important in relieving the symptoms of acne and eczema. Acne is caused due to the bacteria that cause breakouts. The fatty acids present in neem oil will help to reduce inflammation and redness and will also prevent any scar from forming on the skin. It will also help in removing impurities from the skin and will tighten the pores.
Although neem oil can not cure eczema it proves very beneficial in relieving the symptoms. The high content of vitamin E is helpful in this process as it can easily penetrate the outer skin and prevent the loss of moisture. This will prevent the skin from getting dry and will relieve itchiness. The complex compounds present in neem oil will also reduce abrasions and inflammation. It also contains several anti-septic properties which will provide protection against infections.


It is known that neem oil is very good for the skin. It soothes the skin and prevents dryness. The amazing ability of neem oil to penetrate deep into the skin cures the skin of dryness. It can be used as a conditioner and your skin can become supple and free of cracks. Using neem oil daily, can slower the production of melanin in your skin. Melanin causes pigmentation of the skin if it secreted in large amounts. When you massage your skin with neem oil, it hampers that production and reduces pigmentation leaving your skin cleaner and radiant. Neem oil is also extremely beneficial for dry scalp and prevents the formation of dandruff. It keeps the scalp healthy and prevents thinning of hair.


there are many types of fungal infections that can affect the skin. The more common ones are athletes’ foot, nail fungus and ring worm. The compounds in neem leaves are effective against fourteen different types of fungi. Neem oil has proved to be of greater benefit than many anti-fungal creams in treating infections. Studies have shown that neem oil also has a large number of antioxidants and fatty acid that will reduce the harmful effects of the environment on the skin. The fatty acids provide elasticity to the skin and antioxidants will reduce the effect of free radicals.


as stress and pollution levels are rising steadily the effect is clearly visible on the hair. They tend to become thin and fall out. To prevent this and rejuvenating your hair give them a good massage with neem oil and you will see that it strengthens your hair right from the roots. Neem oil will also prevent fuzziness of the hair. You can mix little neem oil with shampoo and see your hair becoming hydrated and shiny. The moisturizing effect offered by neem oil will also repair damage done to the hair and will remove the split ends.


studies have shown that most of the synthetic pesticides are dangerous not only for the environment but are a great threat for the pets also. These pesticides leave a toxic residue and pose a serious threat to fish, birds, pets and other wild life. On the other hand neem oil is natural non toxic and biodegradable. It acts as a natural insecticide too, removing only the leaf eating insects and keeping the other insects safe. It can kill insects’ right from eggs to larvae to adults. It is also a great mosquito repellent.