oats benefits

Oats benefits

Oat, a cereal grain species is in taken as oatmeal. Oatmeal is used to prepare Porridge, cakes, bread and cookies. Oats are providing an excellent benefits for a Healthy living. So the ‘benefits of oats‘ are,

oats benefits
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What are “oats benefits”?

  • Rich Nutrient:

Oats are rich in nutrients, fibers and trace elements. Oats contain dietary fibre, protein, fat, B and its complex vitamins, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Amino Acids, trace elements such as Iron, Calcium, Manganese, Zinc, potassium and soluble fibre Beta-Glucan.

  • Cancer Preventive:

Phytochemicals have the capability of reducing risk of cancer. Oats contains many Phytochemicals which will inhibit the cancer formation. Lignans, a phyto-estrogen in oat has the property to reduce the risk of getting hormone related cancers like breast cancer, ovarian cancer, endometrial and prostate cancer.  Insoluble fibre in oats decreases carcinogen level.

  • Obesity free:

Since the presence of soluble fibre in oats makes out easy digestion, a gel like material is formed. The gel increases viscosity contents of stomach and small intestines. The gel suppresses the hunger and keeps our stomach fulfilled, avoids food carvings. As oats mitigates hunger, simultaneously weight reduces.

  • Hypertension controller:

Soluble fibre Beta-Glucan in oats alleviates the blood pressure level and improves blood circulation. When the blood pressure is controlled invading of various heart diseases are stopped. Thus eating oats gives healthy heart and blood circulation.

  • Lowering LDL:

When LDL cholesterol increases it will lead to many heart diseases like atherosclerosis, blood clots, stroke and coronary heart disease. Regular intake of oats decreases the level of bad cholesterol LDL and increases HDL. Antioxidant Avenanthramides in oats prevents free radicals cell damage and defenses our body from diseases.

  • Skin protection:

Oats is good for skin. Oatmeal has the tendency to stabilize skin’s pH level which reduces itching and irritation of the skin. Oatmeal bath is recommended for scaly and itchy skin. The smoothening and moisturize properties heel the skin disease and keep healthy. Presence of anti-oxidants, minerals and trace elements preserves the skin from aging and damage.

The whole cereal Oats powder can be mixed with curd or fresh milk and the same can be applied over the face. This pack works out significantly, reduces the hardness of the skin, bleaches dullness, dark spots, wrinkles and refreshes the skin.

  • Diabetes:

Oatmeal has low glycemic response towards food intake. It makes the food to be digested slowly, keeps the blood sugar level stable and controls Type 2 Diabetes by lowering the resistance of insulin. When oatmeal is consumed along with yogurt, it works out as an excellent Probiotics.

  • Energizer:

Oats is rich in Carbohydrate and protein which has the tendency to subside hunger and carvings. Consuming low glycemic oats produces endurance level at the times of heavy work; it does not leave us in fatigue state. As Oats slowly increases the glycemic level in the blood, it is much helpful for increased fat-burning during exercise.

  • Skeletal strength:

When Oats is taken along with milk, the increased level of calcium, protein and other essential nutrients makes our bones, connective tissues and marrow strong. Oatmeal is also consumed for neurasthenia, rheumatism and to reduce uric acid level which causes gout.