olive oil benefits

Olive Oil Benefits

Olive oil – One of the best known edible oil, which is famous for its constancy and its lipid profiles. It is rich in energy and thus qualifies to be healthier for utilization.

Olive is a deliberate evergreen tree reaches up to 40 high feet and has a lifetime of more than 500 years. Warm soil condition is preferred to grow up these trees. Olive fruit, a greenish yellow colored fruit has higher content of polyphenol and are used in the oil extraction which produces Olive oil eventually.


Olive oils are featured according to their ripeness stage. Green olives give sour, heady and green color oil. White black olive fruits give a lesser heady and a yellow color oil. Virgin oils moreover, should contain low free fatty acids.

Types of Olive oil:

  • Virgin olive oil:
  1. Formation is by physical methods; used for culinary uses.
  2. No food additives should be added.
  3. Has free acidity less than 2g per 100g
  • Extra virgin olive oil:
  1. Free acidity of less than 0.8g per 100g.
  2. No additives permitted.
  • Pure olive oil:
  1. Refined + Virgin oil
  2. Has high acidic substance.
  • Lampante oil:
  1. Not used in culinary purposes.
  2. Used in refinery and technical reasons such as fuels.
  3. Acidic content less than 3.3g per 100g.
olive oil benefits
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Nutrients in Olive Oil:

The effective vitamins and minerals present in olive oil are Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Iron.

What are the Benefits of Olive Oil:

  • Heart problems

  1. Aids in minimizing heart problems since it has more than 50% monounsaturated fatty acid that reduces the accumulation of Low Density Lipoprotein or bad cholesterol in the blood. At the same time it also helps in increasing the good cholesterol.
  2. Beta sitosterol is similar to the plant sterols helps in maintaining the diet in our body and thereby decreasing heart diseases.
  • Monitor blood cholesterol level:

Cholesterol in the blood is the main reason for the heart attacks and pulmonary heart diseases. This can be decreased by consuming extra virgin olive oils which have abundant antioxidant to reduce the risks such as heart attacks and pulmonary heart disease by lessening the oxidation process in bad cholesterol.

  • Loss of weight:

  1. Monounsaturated fats – Oleic acid, palmitoleic acid in olive oil leads to the difficulty in gaining up the body weight.
  2. Mediterranean olive oils are very effective in reducing the weight.
  3. Linolenic + linoleic acid- produce vital fats in our body.
  • Development process:

  1. Olive oil boosts up the metabolism.
  2. Vitamin E helps in strengthening of bones and brain progress in children. Also effective for older people.
  3. Vitamin K plays a major role in increasing the activity of osteotropic and thus leads to high bone mass.
  4. Limits neural injury of the brain and hence decreases the alzheimer’s disease.
  • Anti inflammatory :

  1. Phenols help in increase the anti flaming abilities.
  2. Strong aroma of olive oils is due to the presence of antimicrobial characteristics.
  • Digestive problems:

  1. Olive oils are also used in reducing digestion problems. Since this medicinal oil clears up the digestive tract and increases the smooth bowel movements.
  • Younger looks:

  1. The Antioxidants slow down the aging progression and gives glowing effect to the skins.
  2. This enriching oil is used in most of the cosmetics and natural herbal therapy for its positive effect towards natural thinning of skin.
  3. Vitamin E, an effective antioxidant aids in stronger reliability of mucus cell membrane and thus protects the skin.
  • Gallstones reduction:

  1. Beneficial in preventing Gallstones
  • Stronger Cell walls:

  1.  Polyphenols help in the healthy and stronger cell walls.
  2. It also increases the flexibility of the arterial wall and prevents heart diseases.
  • Anticancer treatment

  1. Cancerous growths are reduced by olive oil, mainly bowel cancer, which is the most widespread form of cancer in the UK.
  2. Presence of acidic substance aids the reducing the early stages of rectum and bowel cancer.
  3. Oleocanthal, oleuropein and the derivative Hydroxytyrosol, an important compound that fights against breast cancer is present in olives.
  • Reduces Hypertension:

  1. Unsaturated fats, nitrates and nitrites help in lessening the hypertension.
  2. The different grades of olive oils used in treatment as well as for culinary are categorized according to its size, aroma, colour and acidic content. Thus the proper selection is carried out.