Pumpkin Seeds Benefits

Pumpkin Seeds Benefits

Pumpkin seeds are known for its health benefits in spite of its small shape. Benefits of Pumpkin seeds are, their ability to improve the health of heart and heal the body, prevents from formation of stones in kidney, cancer, inflammation, boosts your immunity and increases metabolism, helps in detoxifying the body and also helps in weight gain.

The pumpkin seeds are one of the tasty and an appetizing seed that is highly beneficial to our health. The flat, oval-shaped seeds have green inner part and white colored hull. It is mostly enclosed in a shell or it is attached with the endosperm. It is mostly present in Central American and Mexican cuisine and is considered to be the most popular and a delicious snack.

Scientific name for Pumpkin – Cucurbita mixta

Scientific name for Pumpkin Seeds – Cucurbita pepo

Nutritional Content in Pumpkin Seeds

The pumpkin seeds are rich in proteins, manganese, iron, zinc and also contain vitamin A and B complex vitamins. The pumpkin seeds also contain an organic substance, phytosterols which is effective in maintaining healthy body.

What are the Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds?

It has lots of health benefits which includes the properties of healing, boosting up of energy, maintain a good heart condition and proper metabolic activity. It also has anticancer abilities and prevents the formation of kidney stones. It is beneficial for the people who are trying to gain up weight.

Pumpkin Seeds Benefits


The pumpkin seeds have anticancer properties and also contain phenolic compounds which eliminate the free radicals. It is most effective towards killing of free radicals which are the by-products of the cellular metabolism. These free radicals give rise to the formation of many diseases which includes cancer. It is powerful in overcoming the pain caused by the enlarged prostate which is due to the diuretic activity. Hence, pumpkin seeds provides healthy prostate.


Pumpkin seeds have anti-parasitic property and it eliminates the worms and other parasite growth. Especially, for the children pumpkin seeds act as a protective line among the worm growth that leads to the malnutrition, growth disorder and also in rare cases death occurs.

Anti-inflammatory and Arthritis:

Another effective property of pumpkin seed is that it is anti-inflammatory. These inflammations are usually caused due to the deficiency of vitamins, minerals and proteins. The inflammation leads to arthritis which can weaken our health to greater extend. The proteins will provide stronger tissues. The pumpkin seeds have higher impact on decreasing the inflammation and also in relieving the arthritis pain.

Prevents Kidney Stones:

Pumpkin seeds reduce toxins because of its diuretic ability and also the antioxidant property. The circulation is further increased and smoothened along with the proper functioning of kidney and liver. The kidney stone or other problems like arthritis and gout formation is prevented since the toxins like uric acid etc. are eliminated from the body. Thus, it detoxifies the whole body and promotes the proper functioning of kidneys.

Metabolic Activity:

The proteins play a vital role in metabolic activity and also in the enzymatic process. The proteins are generally made up of amino acids which provide proper functioning of body at higher levels. Pumpkin seeds are rich in proteins and have around 35% of protein which is adequate for efficient working of body.  

Reduces Anxiety and Insomnia:

The stress caused everyday can be minimized by consuming pumpkin seeds regularly and it aids in calm and peaceful sleep. The soothing and the sedating abilities are increased by the presence of tryptophan and magnesium which helps in proper sleeping.  Hence, pumpkin seeds act as natural remedy for these problems.

Stronger Bones:

The pumpkin seeds reduce the effects caused by osteoporosis. Since, they are rich in calcium, zinc and copper and also other minerals which provide high bone density. Hence, regular intake provides less weakening of stones and also reduces the symptoms caused by osteoporosis.

Heart Condition:

The presence of phytosterols favours less formation Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) or bad cholesterol that reduces atherosclerosis and blood clots. Also it reduces heart attacks and risk of strokes. It provides improved oxygenated blood passage through vessels due to the presence of copper that boosts up the number of red blood cells in the body. Along with the low sodium it can also boost up the proper heart condition by lowering the blood pressure. This pumpkin seeds are an effective cardiovascular booster.