Raw honey benefits

Raw Honey Benefits

Raw Honey (Flowers Nectar) is a natural product and sweetener being used as a Food and Medicine. Honey is a sacred item used to pay tribute to Idols. It contains cosmetic content also. Though honey is available worldwide, it is quite expensive based on the quality and purity. Raw honey is rich in vitamins, minerals, anti oxidants, phytonutrients and other properties until it is pasteurized, heated and processed.

Before going into this topic, please read our Honey benefits article here. There are various differences in Honey and Raw Honey. We have enlisted those benefits here., Read on..

Raw honey benefits

What are the benefits of Raw Honey?

So here is a list of Raw honey benefits,

  1. Rich source of vitamins,
  2. Antioxidants,
  3. Sleep inducer,
  4. Immunizer,
  5. Obisity free,
  6. Bacterial killer,
  7. Natural Expectorant,
  8. Skin helth,
  9. Digestion

Rich source of vitamins:

Amino Acids, Minerals and many vitamins are rich in Raw Honey. Presence of multi enzymes, especially Amylase, a carbohydrate digestive enzyme reduces the work of body to produce amylase for food digestion. This stimulates the body energy abundantly. Honey is very rich in Vitamin C, Calcium and Iron and the regular intake of moderate amount of honey boosts the listed vitamins and minerals in our body.


A unique antioxidant “Pinocembrin” in honey helps much in brain function. Many antioxidants including Flavonoids keeps the body balanced with proper health, Amino Acids in honey work as Protein building blockers.

Sleep Inducer:

Released Glycogen in honey induces good sleep on regular consumption with a glass of milk at every day night. Since good sleep is gifted by honey, hypertension is controlled gradually. A Prime type of honey called Linden honey is an excellent sedative and it is prevalently used in the condition of Insomnia, nervousness, anxiety.


Honey contains Melatonin which boosts the immunity level of the body and rebuilds the tissue at the rest period.

Obesity free:

Honey is the best and advised alternate for white sugar contains Glucose and Fructose of 69%. Raw When Honey is consumed along with warm water in empty stomach, it burns the accumulated fat thus helps to reduce the weight. Likely when Raw honey is taken along with lemon juice / Cinnamon it reduces the weight level and controls the weight gain. Thus Honey directly aids in weight loss and controls blood sugar level of its natural sweetening content.

Bacterial killer:

When honey reacts with fluids of body and making Hydrogen peroxide leads the body to keep away from bacterial and fungal infections. Honey acts as a natural healer, antibiotic for burns and wounds. Application of raw honey poultice on the burns, wounds reduces the inflammation and heals the injury.

Natural Expectorant:

Raw honey’s anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties suppress and cure the cough, colds, bronchitis and other respiratory infection problems. Raw honey has an expectorant content as equal as Dextromethorphan which is officially researched and proven.

Skin Health:

When a bit of honey is applied on the acne’s, rashes and sun burns at night time regularly, it gradually decreases the blemish, dark spots. The direct method of applying smoothens the skin, whitens and makes the skin glowing and supple.


Intake of Raw Honey with Apple cider vinegar flexes the stools and eases defecation. It keeps you constipation free.

Digestion :

Raw Honey has a proven record for curing Peptic ulcers in stomach and digestive system. It is effective to treat Helicobacter pylori, is one of the most common cause for Peptic Ulcers.