selenium benefits

Selenium Benefits

Selenium is a trace mineral present in water, foods and soil. ‘Selenium‘ is impurely present in sulfide ores, copper. Though we need a small amount of Selenium in body, still its presence plays a vital role in metabolism. Selenium naturally presents in Fish, Egg, Mushroom, Crab and Lobster. Selenium is used as a dietary supplement for low – Selenium and Selenium deficiency conditions.

selenium benefits
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So some of the Health benefits are,

  1. Protect Antioxidants,
  2. Thyroid Function supporter,
  3. Eye and Hair protection,
  4. Enhances Fertility,
  5. Cancer Prevention,
  6. Cardiovascular Protection,
  7. Memory booster

What are the Selenium benefits?

  • Medicinal uses:

A loose substance of Selenium called Selenium Sulfide is actively present in many anti-dandruff shampoos to control and kill scalp fungus Malassezia which causes hair fall and dry skin shedding from the head. Selenium Sulfide is also used in body lotion to fight against infection causing Malassezia fungus. Selenium Sulfide is commonly used as Anti-fungal medication.

  • Protect Antioxidants:

A group of enzymes “Glutathione Peroxidases” require Selenium for its proper activity. Glutathione Peroxidases plays a key role by protecting the body against oxidative stress and detoxifies the entire body.

  • Thyroid Function supporter:

Transformation of less active Thyroid hormone T4 into higher active Thyroid hormone T3 is caused only by the presence and activity of Selenium containing enzyme. When Iodine and Selenium combine together, it keeps the thyroid function consistent. Selenium benefits our hormones.

  • Eye and Hair protection:

Selenium antioxidants make the body to absorb Vitamin E and the absorbed Vitamin E prevents eyes from cataract formation and Macular degeneration. Selenium helps the body to process and use the proteins which are consumed. When the body has the ability to process the Protein better, it helps for hair growth where protein is a main component for Hair. Selenium reduces the hair loss.

  • Enhances Fertility:

Selenium helps to increase the blood flow and improves sperms motility. Selenium supplement is advised to sweep off Infertility condition.

  • Cancer Prevention:

Selenium is effective in protecting Immune system. Selenium treats many cancers and reduces the risks of cancers such as Lungs, Prostate, Liver etc., Selenium penetrates into the DNA and genome of the cells, provides anti-oxidants like Glutathione, reduces damages in cells, controls & prohibits Mutation and tumor growth. Selenium activates Selenoproteins to support anti-oxidants for safeguarding the body.

  • Cardiovascular Protection:

Presence of anti-inflammatory property of Selenium saves the heart from Coronary heart disease, fights against inflammation, increases blood flow. With the help of anti-oxidants Selenium inhibits oxidative stress caused by Free radicals damage. So Selenium is prescribed as Supplement or in the form of foods to prevent us from major heart diseases.

  • Respiratory functions:

Chronic Asthma, bronchitis are controlled with the help of Selenium supplements. Selenium makes lungs to function properly and thus cures Asthma. Since Selenium is capable of controlling and healing various diseases like Asthma, Arthritis, Thyroid, Macular degeneration, Heart diseases etc and also the presence of anti-oxidants shields our body from ailments, makes us strong and keeps us with long longevity.

  • Memory booster:

Decline in memory is found not only in elders but now-a-days it has been existing between the younger generation. Antioxidants contain all vitamins, minerals and trace elements. So eating antioxidants supplement help to improve immune, reduce free radical damage and increases the memory power. The helps especially brain cell damage causes by oxidative stress.

Thus Selenium benefits our routine life, makes us strong and happy.