Sugarcane juice benefits

Sugarcane juice benefits

Sugarcane is found in almost every part of our world. Some of the Sugarcane juice benefits are, it prevents from cancer, improves digestive system, keeps away from Urinary tract infection, keeps in check of your skin health, strengthens your nails, promotes your hair growth; it even helps you keep hydrated. Another shocking benefits of Sugarcane juice is, it is considered healthy during pregnancy (of course with doctor’s notice).

The sweetening agents like sugar and jaggery are made by processing sugarcane. Sugar cane juice is a natural drink which is totally filled with the goodness of various vitamins, minerals and proteins. It’s a perfect gift by our mother nature which can ensure good health and overall fitness.

Nutritional Content of Sugarcane:

Sugarcanes are known for its abundant Vitamins and Minerals. It is rich in nutrients like potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, iron, phytonutrients, zinc, soluble fiber, calcium and Vitamins like C, A, B1, B3, B2, B6 and B5. And a raw sugarcane is low in sodium and cholesterol with no saturated fats. Even though it doesn’t have any dietary fiber or cholesterol or fat or sodium, it has only 16 calories for every teaspoon of raw sugar that is extracted from sugarcane.

Study reports have proven that sugarcane indeed helps those who take insufficient vitamins and helps during fever and cold.

Sugarcane juice benefits

What are the sugarcane benefits?

Let’s check out some qualities of this mouthwatering drink:

Natural cooling agent:

Sugarcane helps in maintaining the temperature of our body and is a good option to drink regularly during hot summers. It refreshes the body and prevents harmful effects of roaming or working in sun for long.

Filled with vitamins and minerals!

This natural coolant is jam packed with vitamin B1, B2, B6, B3, B5 and Vitamin C etc. It contains calcium, iron, Phosphorus, Succinic acid, Citric acid, essential Amino acids and malic acid etc., these are the important nutrients that required on daily basis.

Good for digestive system:

The potassium content in sugarcane juice ensures the fitness of our digestive system. Hence taking sugarcane juice everyday makes a good home remedy for treating the constipation.

Even diabetics can enjoy it:

The natural sugars in the sugarcane juice gives the liberty to Type-A diabetics to enjoy it. It has low GI (Glycemic Index), therefore will not harm diabetic patient if taken in moderation. But in case of Type-2 diabetic patients it is advisable to talk to the doctor before start consuming it.

Adds more beauty to your skin and strengthens your nails:

It contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA), which is required to make sure of your skin health. It prevents acne and provides moisture to the skin of your body. You can directly apply sugarcane juice as facemask for the glow on your skin. It is also contains anti ageing property. The calcium in this juice reduces breakage of the nails and makes them strong.

Prevents Cancer and ensures overall health benefits:

The increased level of Calcium, Iron and potassium in this tasty drinks helps in keeping the cancer at a bay. It is good to drink sugarcane juice regularly if you are at a risk of breast cancer or prostate cancer.

Strengthen the functioning of Kidney and liver:

It is very beneficial to drink sugarcane juice if you are suffering from Jaundice. It strengthens your liver and gives an instant boost of energy to recover fast. It is also said that drinking sugarcane juice regularly can prevent kidney stones. The multi nutrient property of this juice makes it perfect for keeping up good health of organs like eyes, throat and heart etc.

Perfect source of Instant energy:

The higher glucose level of this juice makes it a perfect drink which gives a boost of energy instantly. So, if you are feeling tired and drained out, then drinking this can give you a boost of energy and freshness to keep working. It’s best to drink this juice during afternoon.

Alkaline in nature hence good for infections like UTI:

Rich in Antioxidants and increases the health of immune system. It contains flavonoids and Phenolic compounds, these antioxidants are helpful in reducing allergic reactions, viral infections and inflammation in body. The multiple vitamins, proteins, fiber, zinc and potassium helps in building better immune system.

Good for pregnant women:

It’s a nutrient rich drink and is very tasty. It helps in subsiding nausea and helps in reducing swelling in the body. You can add lemon juice and some salt to enhance the taste of the drink.

Above all, a very tasty replacement of any harmful artificial drink:

The most important fact about sugarcane juice is that, it is herbal, natural and free from any types of artificial colors or preservatives. The only requirement is to take out it in a clean setup. The energizing properties and yummy taste makes it a very good drink for kids also.

The sugarcane juice is alkaline in nature which repels many deadly diseases, it’s good acids and good cholesterol keeps the heart healthy. So, if you really want to treat your body like a temple and add more goodness to your food then drink sugarcane juice regularly.