vitamin b12 benefits

Vitamin B12 Benefits

Vitamins, Minerals and trace elements are the basic source for physical and brain development. We need sufficient vitamins for healthier physique. Many vitamins are obtained from natural edible items like Food, Cereal, Sprouts, Milk, Meat, Fish, Veggies, Greens and also in the form of drugs. Out of all Vitamins, here we are going to read about Vitamin B12 and its benefits.

Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin), a water soluble vitamin which has a core role in the functions of brain and Neuro system, DNA Synthesis and helps to form blood in the body. It is one of the forms of Vitamin B.

vitamin b12 benefits
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Some of the Health Benefits are,

  1. Against Anemia,
  2. Energizer,
  3. Anti-depressant,
  4. Glowing skin,
  5. LDL controller,
  6. Male Fertility,
  7. Neuro-power,
  8. Sleep inducer

What are the Vitamin B12 benefits?

Against Anemia:

Lack of blood cells will lead to dangerous diseases and anemic condition. RBC are produced and increased only by Vitamin B12 and its complexes. As Vitamin B12 is rich in Meat, Fish and dairy products, intake in any form is advised generally. Once the RBC is recouped, anemic condition is possibly swept off.

Medical usage:

Vitamin B12 deficiency causes many illnesses like Fatigue, Depression, Poor Memory etc., These conditions will be over ride only by enriching this great Vitamin. It is not only supporting illness but also used to treat Transcobalamin deficiency, Cyanide Poisoning and to detect Pernicious anemia.


Benefits of Vitamin B12 are huge. Sufficient Vitamin B12 stays us always energetic and fast. When energy is come down, most of us prefer spontaneous soft-drinks which are filled with more Vitamin B12 energizer. Instead of artificial it is better to go for naturally embedded Vitamin B12 foods to balance the lost energy level.


Most of the Psychiatrists advise depressed patients to walk morning and evening in the sunlight to absorb Vitamin D. As how Vitamin D works to treat depression, the same way Vitamin B12 improves better mood, elevates depression and anxiety by making Serotonin, a neurotransmitter responsible to keep us calm. Vitamin B12 helps to produce DNA, RNA and Neurotransmitters.

Glowing skin:

Skin cells are protected and shielded from the damages by Vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 benefits the skin as reducing acne, bleaching blemished skin, alleviating wrinkles. It improves blood circulation under the skin and makes it glowing.

LDL controller:

Intake of Vitamin B12 dissolves extra fats and Bad cholesterol from the blood, safeguards heart from various fat related disease like coronary heart disease, formation of plaque, fat clots. Controls hyper tension and regulates blood circulation.

Male Fertility:

Less sperm or no sperm causes infertility in Male. Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin) has an efficiency to increase the sperm count and it is used as a supplementary to increase sperms and motility.


A fatty substance “Myelin” promotes healthy nervous function. Consumption of Vitamin B12 helps to protect myelin breakage thereof protects nerves from damage.

Sleep Inducer:

A hormone called “Melatonin” is responsible for inducing sleep. As the age goes on sleep disturbances and Insomnia are caused due to the lack of Melatonin. Vitamin B12 acts excellent in the production of Melatonin hormone, brings down sound sleep.

Along with other valuable nutrients and vitamins vitamin B12 is advised to consume for a fortified physique. Thus Vitamin B12 benefits every one of us in many areas and stays us healthy with longevity.