white tea benefits

White Tea Benefits

The oldest medicine that is followed still now is the ‘Tea’. Fascinating health benefits of White tea, it improves oral health, has anti-aging property, maintains skin health, cholesterol level, prevents cancer and much more.

White tea protects skin from side effects of UV rays. It is also helps people who are diabetic by decreasing their plasma glucose levels and increases their secretion of insulin.

There are various kinds of tea and white tea is one among it. It is mostly found in China. And recently, people are becoming aware of its beneficial values and are found in other parts of the world too. This delicate and almost sweet flavored tea has high antioxidants when compared to others.

White Tea or Green Tea?

For many years we have believed that green tea is very good for health. But when the talk of white tea comes, question arises which one is better?

Looking into its origin, both white and green tea is from the same plant, Camellia sinensis. The harvesting age of white tea is earlier. So, the cost is high for white tea. The processing is done more for green tea than white tea. Thus, white tea is found to have more antioxidants and have low caffeine. So, for a healthier choice white tea is preferred.

Nutrients in White Tea:

It has nutrients such as fluoride, flavonoids like catechins and polyphenols and tannins. These are effective towards having a healthier body.

What are the Health Benefits of White Tea?

white tea benefits

Antioxidants Benefits:

Polyphenols aids in free radical neutralization thereby making it less critical. Because free radicals damages various parts of the body even the skins and contributes quick aging and many problems arises related to it.

  • Organs as well the plasma antioxidants powers are boosted up by the white tea.
  • Hydrogen peroxide produced toxicity is reduced by the neuro protective properties of white tea.
  • Premature aging can also be lessened by white tea consumption.

Younger Looks:

  • The presence of antioxidants helps in killing the damaged cells and quickly recovers it by giving a healthy younger skin.
  • Protects against UV radiation.

Oral health benefits:

Polyphenols, tannins and flavonoids improves the oral health by slowing down the growth of many bacteria that leads to formation of plague.

  • Tooth decay or dental caries is minimized by fluoride substance.

Anticancer treatment:

White tea is being researched for other cancer treatment for its anticancer and antimutagenic properties.

  • Used in preventing lung cancer.
  • White tea being a chemopreventive  agent slows down apoptosis or dead cell growth helps in new cell formation in lung cancer.

Diabetes treatment:

Extreme thirst (polydipsia), reduction of plasma glucose levels and high insulin secretion are some of the symptoms of diabetes can be decreased by consuming white tea.

Cardiovascular benefits:

Cardiovascular diseases are reduced by the flavonoids in white tea. Thus making the body free from its destructive risks.

  • Flavonoids aids in reduction of blood pressure and improves dyslipidemia, endothelial function and slows down oxidation of Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL).

Antibacterial effects:

White tea has antibacterial abilities that protect skin against bacteria. The medical situations and diseases are primarily due to the attack of pathogens and bacteria on immune system.

  • The soap manufacturings have white tea as a vital ingredient.
  • Infection producing bacteria and other pathogens, relief from flu and cold etc. are prevented by white tea.

Cholesterol level:

The white tea increases the good cholesterols and lowers the bad cholesterols thereby preventing the artery hardening and blocking of blood flow.

Healthy heart and stronger bones:

The blood flow is smoothened by white tea thus heart attacks are lowered for white tea drinkers.

  • The bone density is increased and thus is effective against arthritis and osteoporosis patients.

Loss of weight:

White tea prevents adipogenesis which is the fat cells production mostly known as adipocytes.

  • Caffeine in white tea causes reduction in weight and also the antioxidants increases the metabolic rate and lowers the appetite.