Viral Video Shows Bride And Groom Sharing Hookah Kiss, Internet Divided
The clip, proof of the couple’s love for hookah, shows them kissing while smoking shisha.

A video of a bride and groom sharing an intimate moment at their wedding stage has sparked a social media debate. The clip, proof of the couple’s love for hookah, shows them kissing while smoking shisha. The bride, donning a gorgeous maroon lehenga can be seen standing beside the groom who is wearing a suit. The bride takes a drag from the hookah before kissing the groom. At the end of the clip, the duo blows out the smoke. The video, which was posted two days ago has amassed a massive engagement and evoked mixed reactions.

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The video staked up over 60 thousand views along with a flood reaction. Some users thought that the stunt was pulled to get famous, while others found the moment adorable. “Famous hone ke liye bhi kuch chalega (anything, to get famous), wrote a user reacting to the clip.

Recently, another bride had gone viral with her Public Display of Affection (PDA) at her wedding. The clip begins with showing the groom trying to tie a mangalsutra around the bride’s neck as she waited for the right moment to pull off the kiss which is a rare site in traditional Indian weddings. While the groom seemed occupied performing the ritual in the mandap, the bride suddenly gave a peck kiss on his lips, leaving him in complete surprise! The ultimate lip-locking moment.

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While some found the clip cute, others thought called it an act of adoption of western culture. In the west, especially at Catholic weddings, weddings usually culminate with couples kissing each other at the altar after the priest’s word in front of the guests.

Indians adopting western culture," a user wrote, while another commented, “This is what happens when people think western culture is better than the Indian culture."

A user came out in support of the couple and wrote, “Jealous people negative comments krte huye"

What’s your take on the video?

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