Acupuncture benefits

Acupuncture benefits

One of the ancient and traditional form of medicinal practice is Acupuncture. So, What is Acupuncture? An Acupuncture is a traditional practice that involves inserting fine and sterile needles into specific points called as ‘Acupuncture points’, to encourage good flow of qi and boosting the energy; and it can associated with any form of applications like heat, pressure, or laser lights. Acupuncture benefits includes relief from anxiety, depression, nausea, migraine, arthritis etc.,

The main benefit of Acupuncture is centered on stimulating the different body functions that aren’t working properly and converting the body fluids into usable form of energy. The cost of acupuncture usually varies for every professional; so you’ll have consult your area Acupuncturists for the exact cost. But, generally costs somewhere between $60-120 for every session.

Acupuncture benefits

What are the Acupuncture benefits?

Alternative Medicine :

Acupuncture an ancient treatment and an alternative medicine for various acute chronic ailments. Acupuncture was originated from China, slowly spread to Europe, United States, Canada and India. The word Acupuncture is split as Acu – Needle, Puncture- Puncturing.

Energy flow :

The significance of Acupuncture is removing the blocks through acupoints and releasing energy in the meridians where blockage of energy causes many illnesses. There are 350 acupuncture points in the body. The Meridian system contains hundreds of acupoints.   

Acupuncture special sterile needles are inserted on the surface of the skin in various depths and the needles are working as energy antennas to pass the natural energy inside our body. Though the treatment is bit painful, but result oriented. Well trained and Certified professionals only to be approached for treatments and they handle various methods like Cupping, Electro-stimulation, Massage, Moxibustion according to the ailment and severity of the patients.

Excellent Pain Reliever :

Acupuncture treatment has been clinically authorized and succeeded to treat  musculoskeletal problems such as Knee pain, Back Pain, Neck Pain, Facial palsy, Sciatica, Arthritis and also cures and treats nausea, Migraine, Depression, Insomnia and Infertility. Acupuncture treatment is advised to arrest the nausea and vomiting feeling soon after general surgeries, chemotherapy and dental surgeries.

Weight loss :

Acupuncture treatment works on the weight control strategy by reducing appetite, quenching carvings on food, balancing metabolism, regulating obesity causing hormones and properly supplies the nutrients to the whole body. Acupuncture also increases tone of the smooth muscles on stomach thus gives people with filled feeling.

Digestive ailments :

Acupuncture Treatment aids to suppress and cure many digestive disorders such as Hyperacidity, Constipation, Colon problems and gastritis.

Anxiety control :

This holistic treatment relieves mental, emotional and physical stress. According to Acupuncture theory, Anxiety is stated to be an imbalance energy. When the needles puncturing technique bring back the energy, the level of energy is stabilized and thus anxiety is controlled. Acupuncture also helps the brain to release some neurotransmitters GABA, Serotonin that reduces anxiety much.

Auricular Acupuncture is predominantly documented as an Anxiety controller treatment. The acupoints of the ears are pierced and stimulated to control the anxiety level of the brain and body. Acupuncture method also controls many psychological disorders as Phobia, addiction, obsessive disorders. This method helps to alleviate the ailments for both acute and chronic stages.


Male infertility is due to less sperm counts, premature ejaculation whereas Female infertility counts anovulation and endometriosis. When there is an imbalance occurring in Pituitary, Reproductive Gland and hypothalamus cause stress in the body which inhibit women from ovulation. Stress also plays a vital role for spasms in fallopian tubes and the uterus which affects the implantation of a fertilized egg.

Stress in Men can cause reduced sperm counts, less motility and impotence. Acupuncture treatment for Infertility reduces the stress and cortisol hormone level by producing endorphins in the brain.

Energy booster:

Commonly Postoperative patients are advised for acupuncture treatment to attain their energy and vitality back. Many patients are experienced their level of increased energy and power after going thru the acupuncture treatment.