Exercise of Exercise

Benefits of Exercise

Exercise is giving movements to all parts of the body. Exercise includes Physical, Running, Jogging and Aerobic activity. Out-door play is also a kind of exercise. Huge benefits are obtained by doing regular exercises. The whole body and mind are grown healthy with the help of exercise. So here is the some benefits of Exercise are,

Exercise of Exercise
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What are the Benefits of exercise?

  • Treats addiction:

Our brain has a tendency of addicting to any habits easily. Say for example, Dopamine is a Neurotransmitter in the brain which sends signals from one nerve cell to another. It is responsible for any pleasure related activity like food craves, alcohol, sex etc., some people get addicted to alcohol, drugs where dopamine presence is major. Doing regular exercises will distract the people from addiction.

  • Relaxes Mind and Body:

Insomnia (Difficulty to fall asleep) is a major problem for most of the people. Many anti-depressant and sleep inducing tablets are referred for sound sleep. But when doing exercise and walking induces the body temperature and the temperature falls little by little within hours’ time. This falling of temperature alerts the brain that the body needs sleep and thus sound sleep is produced. While doing exercise major chemicals are released like Endorphins which work as equal as Morphin, a server narcotic pain reliever.

  • Hormones magic:

Irisin, a hormone is secreted during the exercise and it makes fat cells to burn their energy, increases metabolic rates, reduces the saggy flesh and maintains the weight. It works on the muscle cells and keeps it stronger.

Testosterone, a male major hormone is responsible for sex activity, hair, bone and muscles growth. Regular exercise will increase the secretion of testosterone than other aerobic exercise, sitting, pushups and squats.

Peptide, hormone secreted in the stomach helps to reduce appetite and food cravings. Doing exercise increases the level of peptide, alleviates hunger.  So we will be feeling filled stomach even after vigorous exercise by if enough Peptide is secreted.

  • Memory booster:

Exercise and physical activity increase body sweat which enhances the cells in Hippocampus. These increased cells are responsible for learning, memory and recital skills. Regular exercise will help to escalate the memory power, so kids are advised to do outdoor activities.

  • Obesity:

Exercising burns the stored fat from the body and maintains normal weight. Regular walking with diet plan say four miles a day like for four days will help to reduce 1600 calories. Weigh loss by the easiest exercises make our bones, body strength and fresh.

  • Healthy Heart:

Daily works out on exercise will improve the oxygen supply level to all part of the body, makes lungs for proper oxygen taken in and out & heart to pump enough oxygenated blood with regular heart beats.

Regular exercise will reduce the LDL cholesterol in the blood and increases Good cholesterol (HDL), thus prevents heart from atherosclerosis, clots and stroke. Colon cancer and diabetes are also prevented by doing exercise.

  • Strengthening Musculo-skeletal:

While doing regular exercise, the joints and bones are stretched which in-turn increases the flexibility and strength. Exercise improves organs functions and reduces pain in the cases of arthritis.
So these are the exercise health benefits. Hope you all like it!