ginger tea benefits

Benefits of Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is known for its soothing and calming effect during winters. Main health benefits of Ginger tea are treating cold, indigestion, strengthening bones, has Anti – inflammatory and Anti-cancer property many more.

Ginger is well-known for its spice; and it is considered as the one of the ancient remedies for  traditional herbal treatments. Ginger tea has many health benefits like its ability to improve immunity, respiratory conditions, bone health and indigestion; it also plays important role in preventing cancers, gastric problems, relieves you from symptoms like arthritis, menstrual cramps, flu and even nausea and helps in enhancing sexual activity.

Scientific name for Ginger – Zingiber Officinale

Ginger originated from Southern Asia and later on became popular among all countries for its beneficial value. Asian cultures use ginger just by chopping it or by making into paste or powder and use as one among the spices in the dishes or use in drinks like tea and coffee. However, in western cultures, they mostly use in sweets or beverages like ginger beer or ginger wine or just make ginger breads.

Sometimes you can add bit of peppermint or lemon or honey, which will not only mask the ginger’s spicy taste; but it is also considered good for people suffering from sore throat, cold and coughs.

Nutritional contents of Ginger Tea:

Ginger is a plant widely used for its spiciness and used in various traditional and alternative medications. Ginger contains heap of minerals, vitamins and trace metals such as Vitamin B & B complexes, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Dietary Fiber, Fat , Protein, Phosphorous, Potassium, Iron, Calcium etc.

ginger tea benefits

What are Benefits of Ginger Tea?

Treating colds :

Ginger Tea is an excellent drink which soothes the sore throat, prevents and controls common cold. When Ginger tea is drunk it stimulates the body to produce sweats and flushes out colds, chills from the entire body. Just add a spoon of honey and lemon with Ginger tea if you have trouble with sore throat.

Improvement in Bone Health:

Ginger helps in boosting your bone health and reduces joint pains. It has a unique number of organic compounds called “Gingerols”; which contains powerful anti-inflammatory property.

These organic compound “Gingerols” is associated in improving joint pains like knee inflammation or anything related to chemokines and cytokines (inflammation compounds) that harm your body.

A study report was conducted few years ago, that University of Miami was studying several people of different backgrounds under different ages, who has symptoms corresponding to Osteoarthritis. They were split into two groups; one under different dosage and other under ginger supplements. At the end of the six weeks, 70 percent pain reduction was seen whoever took the ginger supplements.

Expectorant :

Ginger’s strong smell and spicy taste makes it as an Expectorant, prevents and alleviates respiratory problems such as Asthma, Bronchitis, Sinusitis, Flu and allergies etc.,

Anti-Inflammatory :

Gingerols, anti-inflammatory compounds present in the Ginger Tea reduces swelling and inflammation due to various diseases like arthritis, osteoarthritis and other muscular diseases. Gingerols reduces pain, headache and muscular stiffness in rheumatism.

Anti – Cancer :

Ginger has a quality of inhibiting cancer cells growth which may lead to ovarian, colorectal and other types of cancer. Ginger’s strong anti-oxidant, anti-tumor properties effects on the body cell and saves from tumor. Ginger tea consumption makes us away from Cancer disease.

Cholesterol controller :

Consuming Ginger Extract reduces cholesterol and prevents blood clotting. Ginger Extract and Ginger Tea prevent our heart from Atherosclerosis and saves Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) oxidation.

Antioxidant :

Phenolic antioxidants present in Ginger tea reduce the developmental risk of Atherosclerosis and keep our body from free radicals. The presence of high level anti-oxidants builds the immune power and makes us stay away from the environmental diseases.

Digestive Problems :

Drinking Ginger tea is the best way for early digestion and absorption of food. It avoids stomach bloat due to heavy intake of food.

Menstrual discomfort :

At the time of Menstrual pain, drinking a cup of Ginger Tea with Honey helps to reduce the muscle cramps and pain. When a cloth is dipped in Ginger tea and applied on the lower abdomen, it slowly relaxes the muscle and elevates pain.

Enhances Blood Circulation :

Gingers rich vitamins, minerals and amino acids help for proper blood circulation in the body, keep us free from fatigue, sluggishness. Ginger’s property of improving blood circulation, indirectly enriches the sexual desire by stimulating men and women private organs such as clitoris, penis.

Brings deep sleep :

Intake of Ginger tea removes toxins from blood. Out of its aroma and healing properties, it makes us to fall asleep without any disturbance.

Constipation :

Ginger Tea consumption helps in digestion and thus promotes defecation process. Regular intake of Ginger tea eases the defecation and sweeps off constipation. Opens exit way for gas problem.

Antacid :

Ginger’s antacid property relieves heartburns. Drinking Ginger tea reduces the acidity level, and inflammation.

Nausea reliever :

If a cup of Ginger tea is taken at the nauseas condition, vomiting and nausea are controlled immediately. Ginger Tea fights against bacteria and controls bad breath.

Increases Fertility:

Ginger has Aphrodisiac property. Regular drinking of Ginger Tea helps to increase sperm counts, reduces penis erectile issues in Men and boosts up the Male fertility.

Even Ginger has amazing health benefits; still Ginger tea sometimes is not recommended during pregnancy or in empty stomach or when you are suffering from heartburn.