Lemon Juice benefits

Lemon Juice benefits

Lemon acts as a “cleanser and a blood purifier”. The main Lemon juice benefits are, it helps indigestion, high blood pressure, sunburns, acne, obesity, infections, dental problems, internal bleeding, skin care, hair care, boosts your immunity etc., and much more.

Lemons are nutrients-rich is an understatement. It adds flavor for various dishes and even some dishes are considered incomplete without squeezed lemon juice. In many countries, it is used as an refreshment drink and sometimes used as a washing agent for it’s ability to remove stains without issues.. This Flavonoid rich fruit has abundant antioxidant property. It helps aiding in kidney stones, body temperature and strokes.

Lemon is a small green tree that is originated from Asia, used as both food and medicine and are been used from ancient times. Study reports of Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases states that, it protects against arthritis and polyarthritis.

Nutritional Content of Lemon Juice:

Lemon is famous for their Nutritional Value. Lemons contains more vitamins; say Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin B12 & B6; not to mention it’s richness in Vitamin C of 88% per 100 gms. Lemon is rich in Potassium as well. Other than all, it also contains Sodium, riboflavin, Magnesium, pantothenic acid, Calcium, dietary fiber, niacin thiamin etc.,

Since lemon is strong in Vitamin C, it has alkaline property. The alkaline property is effective in balancing body’s pH levels. Alkaline foods are also used to treat urinary tract infections. It also contains important nutrients like Flavonoids; which has antioxidant property and anti-cancer attributes.

American Urological Association highlighted that either lemon juice or lemonade will fight against kidney stones by preventing any formation of calcium stones.

Lemon Juice benefits

What are the Lemon Juice benefits?


A cup of lemon juice with salt helps for good digestion. Lemon juice also cleanses the toxins from digestive tract. Lemon juice has the tendency of removing uric acid from the body which is the main cause for inflammation.

Lemon, itself is a natural ‘cleansing agent’ and a ‘blood purifier’. For instances, you can have fresh lime soda after a heavy lunch or dinner to keep you settled. If you are a more of an organic person, then you make help yourself with lemon juice at home. All you have to do is add the juice of squeezed lemon, cold water, sugar or salt to your preference; if you want add some crushed mint leaves or fennel seeds for the refreshment.

Kidney stones :

A drink of half a cup pure lemon juice increases the level of citrate level in the urine. The presence of citrate levels protects the kidney from renal stone formation.

Hair care:

Lemon is a natural antiseptic. If you suffer from severe dandruff or any type of scalp problems, then little application of lemon juice on scalp is proven to be effective for the hair care.

Skin care:

Regular intake of lemon juice maintains the skin health perfectly. It is also known to cure any problems to skin problems like rashes, sun burn, acne bee stings etc; to benefit more, you can apply lemon juice directly on affected areas.

To avoid acnes, blackheads, eczema or wrinkles, you can treat it with lemon juice; as it has an anti-aging property; and to achieve healthy glow to skin drink lemon juice mixed with honey.

The antioxidants of lemon juice increases the blood circulation under the skin veins, makes the skin healthy and glowing. When lemon juice is applied on the face, knees and elbows, it reduces the darkness, whitens the skin, reduces wrinkles and keeps the skin radiant.

Weight loss:

Lemon is rich in Fiber “Pectin” and it has the property to alleviate the hunger and carvings on food. When the regular intake of lemon juice along with raw honey is consumed on empty stomach, we can see the gradual weight reduction and excess of water excretion in the form of urine.

Immunizer & Cleanser:

Vitamin C is an excellent immunizer which enriches the energy and metabolic activities instantly. When you feel stressed, fatigue, a cup of lemon juice is the best energy reviver. Lemon juice stimulates the liver function which in turn makes the proper enzyme function. These functions of liver detoxify the entire liver and flushes the toxins out from the body.

Neuro Health:

Potassium rich Lemon is good for brain and nerve functions. Lemon juice contains antioxidants which blocks the oxidation stress in cells and keep the brain function healthy.

Tooth whitening:

Citric acid in lemon juice, naturally has the whitening property. When lemon juice is mixed up with salt, and applied in brushing style, it cleanses the entire mouth and teeth. Makes the teeth glittering and keep the mouth fresh. When lemon juice is gargled with water, it prevents bacteria attack and reduces toothache and gingivitis (Tooth gum inflammation).


Lemon juice is applied on the insect bites to absorb poison; it reduces the pain, inflammation effects and desensitizes the skin. When lemon juice is mixed with hot water & honey, it works as a wonderful soother, reduces the sore throat discomforts.

Anti-caffeine :

Caffeine can be replaced with fresh lemon juice in the morning which stimulates the energy levels at high point, makes us stress free and active till the day ends.